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China announced an incredible “space plan”

Китай заявил о невероятном "космическом плане" China swung to reproduce the “warrior planet” on the Ground

China wants to create a copy of Mars on the Tibetan plateau. The ambitious project will cost the Republic more than $ 60 million.

“Simulated Mars station” with an area of 95 thousand square kilometers, will be simulated in Qinghai province that in Hayes, the Mongol-Tibetan Autonomous district.

To “war planets” in the territory of China from Beijing capital international airport can be reached in just under 7 hours, the authors of the publication.

This station is mixed-use, “one part of the high mountain camp in hypernasality area will be used for training Chinese taikonaut (astronaut “24”). The other part will be intended for tourists eager to experience life on Mars. Visitors will be placed in “modules” that simulate extraterrestrial home”, – says the publication.

In addition, on-site simulated base will be a Park theme the Mars theme.

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