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Chilling: the most creepy place in Russia. Photo

Леденящие кровь: самые жуткие места в России. ФотоIn Russia there are places notorious.

Our country is huge, and a thorough study of its territories is still going on.

And then serious scientists (not to mention the ubiquitous UFO and psychics) come across another place where there are unexplained from a scientific point of view things. Here it is at your own risk sent expeditions enthusiasts, many of whom are never seen again. In one of these “mystical” places is missing the famous group of Dyatlov, others prefer to ignore even the locals.

1. Devil’s cemetery

Леденящие кровь: самые жуткие места в России. Фото

Krasnoyarsk Krai
On top of the mountain is a clearing with a strange hole in the center. Some researchers believe that the area was formed by the Tunguska meteorite. The legend of the clearing went from the beginning of the last century, but the place geologists discovered only in 1991. To date, there are about 79 missing in the area, and the old-timers refuse to lead tours closer than a kilometer from the mountain.

2. Sablino caves

Леденящие кровь: самые жуткие места в России. Фото

Leningrad oblast
In the late 1970-ies of the Sablino caves became a refuge for runaway prisoners from all over the Soviet Union. Find them there, it was simply impossible: the length of the labyrinth is estimated by geologists to tens of kilometers. Came back here a few units, and those in a state of distraction excitedly telling stories about human-eating walls. Gradually it became clear that groundwater is indeed significant changes in the soil structure, making many of the hallways in the shifting real smooth. To get out of this area people have had no chance.

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3. The mountain of the dead

Леденящие кровь: самые жуткие места в России. Фото

Sverdlovsk oblast
This mountain was stormed by the brave group of Igor Dyatlov. The story of the death of “Dyatlova” still strikes terror in the hearts of the people: members of the expedition were found naked and mutilated on the bare snow, and all the information about the rescue operations were classified at the highest level.

4. Lake Labynkyr

Леденящие кровь: самые жуткие места в России. Фото

Oymyakonsky district
According to legend, in the lake labynkyr is hiding a giant beast, which since the middle of last century began preying on humans. Rumors talking about several dozen missing in this area, however, confirm or deny them there is no way — the place is too deaf.

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5. Death valley

Леденящие кровь: самые жуткие места в России. Фото

Kamchatka Peninsula
Close to the famous Valley of geysers lies another, much more grim valley. Locals call it the Valley of death: testimonies about the disappearance of people and livestock in this area is well documented. Scientists believe that the cause of an underground gas Deposit, which often happens unexpectedly.

6. Mound Sineus

Леденящие кровь: самые жуткие места в России. Фото

Volgograd oblast
Say, here was located before the post-mortem mound Sineus, Rurik’s brother Royal. During Soviet times, all sorts of hoax met by the authorities in bayonets, and in a sacred place constructed of conventional potato storage. However, all the supplies here to rot extremely quickly, and then more people disappear. Under the new system in 1997 in search of the mound was tragen special geological expedition, 12 people were missing.

7. Molebsky triangle

Леденящие кровь: самые жуткие места в России. Фото

Perm Krai
Ufologists this place I just love, because within a triangle repeatedly found traces of the “landed UFO”. But without cosmic wonders incomprehensible is enough: recently historians have discovered that once a place was esteemed sacred by the local Mansi tribe, the shamans who did not disdain human sacrifice.

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