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Chilli K188 – and phone, and spinner

In the time of tiny cell phones and a 4-inch smartphones, many spinning their gadgets as they are now vapers and hipsters spin their spinners. With modern smartphones this trick will not pass, but there is a way to return the method of operating a mobile phone and not wearing podvoroty and do not float left and right – you just have to buy a phone K188 Chilli.

Chilli K188 is a classic cell phone with a hardware keyboard, know not knowing about the other cellular networks in addition to GSM, but it has two slots for SIM-card, and it costs exactly $ 20. But Chilli K188 is also a spinner, that is the Chinese built directly into the cell phone bearing and balanced housing for a longer rotation.
The device “2 in 1” carries a small, but color screen, Bluetooth for connecting a wireless headset, a microSD slot and built-in MP3 player, so it is more versatile than gadget – and you can call and listen to music and soothe the nerves. However, the fashion for spinners has gone but the price of Chilli K188 in the amount of $ 20 will certainly be a deciding factor when buying.

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