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Children’s cars in the style of “Mad max” (PHOTOS)

In front of you creations this father of the year! His name is Ian Pfaff, he loves the creativity of their children, and even the universe of “Mad max”. And damn it, the guy found a really elegant way to combine it all!

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You know those machines in which the children can ride, her feet right on the floor? Ian took a couple of these and pumped in to the spirit of the game, so there was such a car in “Road rage” you would think that it should be!

Actually Ian Pfaff works Director at Nickelodeon and Funny or Die, although it seems to me his main profession — a kick-ass father.

PS. By the way, if you are also looking forward to the next picture , directed by George Miller about the adventures of max Rockatansky, then you will be pleased to know who will return to the screen in “Mad Max: a Wasteland”.

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