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Children of the stars said goodbye to the deceased 19-year-old granddaughter of oligarch Platon Lebedev


To say goodbye to 19-year-old Diana Lebedeva, who died in a car crash came about a hundred people, among whom were relatives, close friends and just girl friends. Goodbye to the deceased came Stesha Malikova with mother Helen, son of singer Jasmine Michael Semenduev, the son of Sergei Sarkisov Sergei with his beloved Nastya Curls, son of the First General producer of channel Alexander Five semen with his beloved Sophia slaga, the son of set designer Boris Krasnov Daniel and son of businessman Vladimir Kiselyov singer Urkis.


The funeral took place at the cemetery Troekurov, Diana was buried in a white coffin. During the ceremony, law enforcement officers guarded the family and relatives of the deceased.

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The girl’s mother Lyudmila Lebedev kept a low profile, but the entire ceremony was spent sitting. The procession was watched by Platon Lebedev, who tried not to deviate from the daughter.



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We will remind, the tragedy occurred on November 25 in Switzerland — Diana with a young man was moving BMW on the road from Lugano to Geneva, at some point, the young man lost control, the car struck a fence, the car went into the lake.

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The driver was Azer Yagubov — the nephew of the head of the state division of the legal Department of the government of the R. F. the Girl together with the friend lived in Switzerland, Diana studied at the most prestigious educational University of St. Gallen.


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