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Children of socialism

Дети социализма

Venezuela took their food and hope for happiness. Now they survive on the streets

“I will not allow Hugo Chavez will not let the children of Venezuela besprizornichali. I will not allow Venezuelan children live on the streets!” — such a promise after winning the elections in 1998 gave the former leader of the country. 20 years later the situation has not improved. Street children in Caracas so far no one managed to accurately count. However, those who have been to the capital of the Bolivarian Republic known them enough to call the situation a crisis. Teens are fleeing from domestic violence, poverty, are left without shelter due to the death of relatives or the fact that they went to jail.

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All this is happening against the background of deepening economic crisis, which intensified after the coming to power of the country Nicolas Maduro in 2013. Lack not only food but also other goods. For example, in the summer of 2018 in the country ceased to print tickets due to the lack of paper. Dissatisfied with the policy of the government, the citizens organize protests, and in January of 2019 in the Wake of mass protests Parliament speaker Huang Guido declared himself interim head of state. About how young Venezuelans living in such conditions is not the most enviable adult lives, in the gallery “of the”.

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On the streets of Caracas are full of children. They look careless and carefree, almost like their peers from any other country: climb on the thrown buildings, indulge and chase the street dogs. However, most of them to begging, looking for food in the trash and bathe in dirty rivers. Worse, some already as a teenager managed to start Smoking and became addicted to drugs. It helps them for a while to protect itself from the harsh reality in which they have to survive. Homeless is just one of the manifestations of a deep economic and social crisis that has consumed Venezuela, one of the richest oil countries on the continent.

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