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Chief of staff of the Baltic fleet, called the philosopher Immanuel Kant’s “traitor”

Глава штаба Балтийского флота назвал философа Иммануила Канта «предателем Родины»

“I wrote some strange books”

Chief of staff of the Baltic fleet, called the philosopher Immanuel Kant’s “traitor”

Chief of staff of the Baltic fleet, Vice-Admiral Igor Mukhametshin, speaking to sailors who assessed the works of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, saying that he wrote “some obscure book” that none of the sailors “did not read and never will read it”.

As transfers radio “Freedom”, so Mukhametshin urged sailors and their families to participate in voting on the choice of the name of the airport of Kaliningrad in the framework of the contest “Great names of Russia”. Speech Mukhametshin someone recorded the video is on YouTube channel the Agency’s “New Kaliningrad”.

Mukhametshin called the German philosopher of “the notorious somehow there Immanuel Kant”, “a traitor who humiliated and crawled on his knees to give him a University chair”. “Worthless airport region and the city, where flowed the blood of Soviet soldiers and officers who wear the name of a stranger,” said Mukhametshin.

Earlier the Deputy of the state Duma from Tatarstan Marat Bariev opposed the assignment of the airport in Kaliningrad, the name of Kant. According to Bariyev, it’s an insult to the veterans of the great Patriotic war and they appealed to the MP, having attended to the situation. “The veterans think it’s wrong, unpatriotic, is a scandal. I completely agree. We need to understand who is great for the people of Kaliningrad”, — said the Deputy. In his opinion, Kant cannot be called by our compatriot. He Bariev spoke in support of Marshal Alexander Vasilevsky, which he called the legendary commander who liberated Konigsberg. “The situation must be corrected. Civil society in Kaliningrad is a must to experience, evaluate and take action,” said Bariev.

Then in Kaliningrad unknown persons poured paint over the monument to Kant, mounted near Baltic Federal University, and later desecrated the grave of the philosopher. Near the broken monument vandals have scattered leaflets with an appeal to the students of BFU to abandon the monument. “Enough to bring Home! You learn within the walls, bearing the name of the enemy!” — mentioned in the leaflet.

The name of Immanuel Kant with a large lead in the online voting for the renaming of Kaliningrad Khrabrovo airport in the framework of the contest of names, but after public outcry and the intervention of the officials in the first place was the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, surpassing Kant on 10 thousand votes.

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