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Chicago snapped thousands of festival fans of Pokemon Go

В Чикаго сорвался многотысячный фестиваль поклонников Pokemon GoFestival Pokemon Go could not withstand the influx of fans of the game

Hoping to catch a rare pokemon for Pokemon Go festival in Chicago attracted more than 20 000 people.

However, due to failures in a congested mobile network and other failures of the organizers, most of them left the event very disappointed. Now Niantic, developer of the popular app, provides ticket holders to the festival of compensation in the form of game currency in the amount of $ 100.

The event was held yesterday, and the tickets were sold out 10 minutes after the start of sales. Then tried and speculators who then resold the tickets at a price up to 10 times above face value. The organizers of the festival in Grant Park Chicago promised that visitors will have the chance to catch the rarest monsters.

In the end, in the Park gathered a large number of people, while at the entrances to the Park appeared queue. Due to security measures, some of the visitors over an hour could not get to the festival. Then refused overloaded mobile network, and the organizers had to solve this problem under the murmur and the roar of disgruntled fans of the game. Moreover, only a verbal expression of indignation did not stop, and the lead flew out from the crowd bottle. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

In the end zone where it was possible to catch a rare pokémon, extended two miles, so participants could leave the Park and to reduce the load on the mobile network. The vast majority of visitors were highly dissatisfied with the festival and did not hesitate to pour their negativity on the Internet.

But the fans booed and chanted “fix our game!” and “we can’t play!” as leaders from niantic, the Creator of the game, tried to explain the problem. Niantic acknowledged their inexcusable blunders of the events and apologized to the fans of the game, including in the form of compensation.

Game Pokemon Go was released last summer and since then it downloaded over 750 million times. The app has brought developers more than $ 1 billion of revenue. In terms of the game, it is necessary to move around the area and catch pokémon that appear on the smartphone screen.

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