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Chic Murch in the film “Victor Crowley.”

In August, we all absolutely unexpectedly found out that in the USA the premiere of the new “Axe”, and even to the audience it was a great surprise! Unlike the previous trilogy, this film received the name “Victor Crowley” in honor of its Central antagonist, which absorbed all the best (or worst) from other iconic villains of slasher. And immediately after his sudden release, the film went on a tour of American cities, which continues at the moment.

During the tour, the audience not only to contemplate tearing people to pieces and other original ways of killing victims, which is so famous franchise, but they also provided the opportunity to purchase commemorative exclusive merchandise.

Unfortunately, to travel outside the country “Victor Crowley” is not going to, so to attend one of these shows, as well as to get something out of branded Souvenirs to us here does not Shine. But at least look at the pictures!

The first before our eyes appears the skull of Victor Crowley. It should be noted that this is an exact replica of the skull that we saw in “Hatchet 3”. And it’s not Assembly-line product, each such replica is created individually for several days. If I understand correctly, then the skull will be painted manually so that the same two will be no more. And the good news is, the creators plan to sell things over the Internet in the future.

Then go to axes — so far without them? Look cool. I’d get a couple of his home.

Also available soft toyis a smaller and much more cute version of Victor Crowley.

The book “I’m a survivor” (I, survivor) authored by Andrew Yong, a character from the third “Hatchet”, which, in fact, actually survived. Actor parry Shen, incidentally, appeared in each part of the trilogy under different names, but this was never alive. Really the best reason to write a book. However, the real authors of the book are the father of the entire franchise Director Adam green and his friend Joe Netter.

And finally the tour visitors will be able to get hold of a exclusive poster of the film.

Well, we ordinary mortals will wait for news of the wide release of “Victor Crowley” or at least on the DVD release.

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