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Chewing gum is recognized beneficial for health

Жевательную резинку признали полезной для здоровья The main rule is not to chew gum on an empty stomach.

The doctors said that chewing gum can be useful for human body. It can help to improve digestion and strengthen tooth enamel.

Scientists are reminded that chewing gum first appeared in Greece and India. In those days people understand that it helps a person to digest food.

Now gum is made from synthetic polymers with the addition of various nutritional components. Doctors say that chewing gum should not be chewed in the presence of the inflammatory form of periodontal disease or periodontal disease. This is not to chew on an empty stomach.

After eating this process should not exceed 15 minutes. Otherwise, chewing gum can affect the development of gastric ulcers or gastritis.

But there are careful, the gum will aid digestion and will improve tooth enamel.

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