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Chewing gum good for the brain

Жевательная резинка полезна для мозгаChewing gum can be harmful to the stomach, but good for the brain, as scientists have found.

It is a habit that many believe is bad and unsightly, but new scientific data show that chewing gum actually good for your brain.

The chewing motion stimulates blood flow to the brain and help them to work better, showed Japanese study published in the journal “Brain and cognition”.

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As a result of chewing gum benefit as many as eight areas of the brain. Scientists at the National Institute of radiological Sciences in Japan, asked volunteers to solve different tasks while their brains were scanned to see which areas were active. Some of the volunteers chewed gum, the other not.

It turned out that the chewing motion activates areas of the brain associated with movement and attention to help focus, to respond faster and to be more careful. The authors of the study commented: “the Effect of mastication on reaction rate is significant. Our results show that the chewing causes a rise in arousal level and alertness in addition to influence on the management of movements and, as a consequence, these effects can lead to improved cognitive functions.”

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