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Chevrolet will be forced to wear seat young drivers

Chevrolet заставит пристегиваться молодых водителей

Chevrolet has unveiled the “industry’s first” feature Buckle to Drive, to remind young drivers about the need to buckle up. This summer she will be included in the list of standard equipment Chevrolet Traverse, Malibu and Colorado for the American market.

The function of the Buckle to Drive is part of the Teen Driver, which allows parents to monitor how their child uses the car. To do this in the settings menu of the infotainment system with the PIN code registers a single key. Mode Teen Driver automatically turns off the radio sound as long as the driver and passenger are strapped in, turn on the system anti-collision (if any), and also activated the speed limiter.

The function of the Buckle to Drive for 20 seconds will block the transmission shift from Park to drive, if not wearing a seat belt and pressed the brake pedal. The driver will hear a beep and see a warning message on the dashboard.

According to the National traffic safety administration on the highways of the USA, in 2017 wearing a seat belt saved the life of 14 955 people. 37 of 133 fatalities in the same year, 47 percent were unfastened.

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