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“Cherkassk Mavpy” and “Dnepr” won the home games of the playoffs of the Cup of Europe FIBA

«Черкасские Мавпы» и «Днепр» уверенно выиграли домашние матчи плей-офф Кубка Европы ФИБАThe giants of the Ukrainian super League in the European Cup FIBA simultaneously approached the exit into the main stage of the tournament.

“Mavpy” in the match with “Keravnos” double digit advantage produced by brilliant play on the perimeter – the owners have implemented 12 of 26 three-pointers, and his ring restricted Cypriots to 4 of 17 from long range.

The main hero of the match was Igor Chumakov – center “MAWP” in 26 minutes scored 21 points, converting 8 of 12 shots from the game, including 4 of 6 from behind the arc.

Cherkasy Mavpy (Ukraine) – Keravnos (Cyprus) – 75:64 (17:17, 14:15, 24:16, 20:16)

Cherkasy Mavpy: Chumakov (21), B. young (12 + 5 assists), Kobets (10), Skopintsev (9 + 8 rebounds), Konev (7).
The keravnos: D. Hagins (16 + 4 assists), reed (13 + 6 rebounds), Abukar (11), C. king (9 + 6 rebounds) – start; Elefteriu, Theoharides, D. Willis (5)

Dnipro home game against the champion of Hungary started with a double-digit gap, but in the second quarter of the wards of Denis Zhuravlev, transformed, and before the big break completely eliminated head start “Alba”.

At the end of the match “Dnipro” due to the result of the actions of Alexander Mishula, Zakurdaeva Maxim and Pavel Revzin made a long burst and got comfortable 16 points advantage before the second leg.

Dnipro (Ukraine) – Alba Fehervari (Hungary) 94:78 (20:32, 20:6, 25:19, 29:21)

Dnepr: Mishula (22 + 7 assists), Revzin (17), timofeyenko (14 + 8 rebounds + 4 assists + 3 steals), zakurdaev (13), Kushnirov (9 + 6 rebounds).
Alba: Boykins (17), Heath (15 + 7 rebounds), Freeman (15 + 4 assists).

The last step towards the group stage of the Cup of Europe FIBA “Dnepr” and “Cherkasy Mavpy” I’ll try to make next Wednesday, October 10.

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