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“Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk, I still don’t want to die…”

«Челябинск, Челябинск, я ещё не хочу умирать…»

Suffering from the harmful production of paronite residents three months waiting for an answer to my letter of of Teksler

In the village of Pershino, a population of over five hundred inhabitants, people from time to time sick. Fewer adults and children sometimes suffer from bouts of vomiting two and three days. The doctors here explain to parents that the reason surfing the air from enterprises. That’s how the wind blows, disperse gases, and kids will no longer suffer. The malicious enterprise for the production of paronite. It opened near Pershino, state street, 2, a few years ago. Then people get sick depending on the weather and pace of work of parentprofile. Because people hope and pray to the God of Weather and rejoice in the winds.

I would not have believed this, if people Pershino are not told all of this to me personally. If you think poselok Pershino is somewhere in Uganda or Bangladesh, and the locals do not know how to read and write, it is very wrong. This is one of the most civilized and legal countries, where concern for people’s health and care of population is a major public policy! This, you will not believe – in Russia. Moreover, in Chelyabinsk! In the city, sympathetic to labor valor and glory!

“Most grass at night”

– We here in the area smoky dump. And paronitovye factory, which is nearby, constantly flying to the village of small particles. And we all suffer bronchopulmonary diseases, – says a resident of the village of Pershino Maria Selichanov. – My husband recently died of lung disease. And often our children have nausea, vomiting.

– In the evening, the eyes like sand what – complaining grandmother’s Love mingaleeva and Nina Zueva. – You can not bring grandchildren to visit.

I don’t doubt the stories, because I myself after half an hour of stay in the village gag. Just to match the name of the village of Pershino. And despite the fact that at the moment the fence paronitovye plant could not hear any sounds of work.

– They mainly work nights, encrypted, says my interlocutor – Alexander Schmal. – But emissions from the plant feel around the clock.

I did not repeat the path of my fellow journalists that came here earlier, tried to storm an impregnable company. Wanted to meet with the leadership – it is useless, of course. Of course, no one would talk to me here did not, and even more – show production. It is clear already that the manufacture is more than malicious. Otherwise it would not hide behind the high fence from the press and from the public.

Interestingly, in January of 2018 the work of this paronitovye enterprise under the name of “TEKHNO, OOO Prof” the decision of the court of the Soviet district of Chelyabinsk was suspended as a particularly dangerous to all living things, including humans. But before people breathe a sigh of relief as just a few weeks, the chamber opened again. Only now it changed its name to “LTD WLIH”.

What is ULICH, nobody knows. Local offer the following transcription: “will show our People to go to X..”, “Killing People by Evaporation of Chrysotile”, or something like that. Well, because “ULICH” no court has closed, it works, continuing the work of the late “Tech Prof”. Here’s a simple manipulation with the change of signs, as a result, all left out in the cold, including judges.

But people don’t want to go to … they again took to writing complaints. However, the guide Ulica already some unknown method that we have agreed with regulatory authorities. It seems that even with the Prosecutor’s office. As a result of these complaints come reassuring answers. For example, the reply of the Deputy Prosecutor of Prosecutor’s office of Chelyabinsk’s Metallurgicheskaya district R. D. Sultanov on April 26, 2019 should be: “…the enterprise has draft standards for maximum permissible emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, permit for emission of harmful (polluting) substances in atmospheric air by stationary sources. Enterprise objects that have a negative impact on the environment, are put on public record, they are assigned to category 2 of the negative impact on the environment.”

Simply put: ULICH received permission to poison the atmosphere and the population to harmful substances, and therefore suffer. But if hill – once in the coffin.

Officials defend the poisoners

But perchance crave to live. Moreover, they want in Europe, to live long and breathe clean air. And therefore wrote a collective complaint to the acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Teksler: required de to remove deadly venture outside of the city of Chelyabinsk! But if that doesn’t help, I poprosilasj to go to the Kremlin and to petition the most important thing a fighter for their people’s happiness.

I must admit I do not understand: why is it forbidden in the West, poisonous production related to the use of asbestos, the solvent and other extremely harmful chemicals, can work in Russia right under the noses of the population?

They are even controlled and how to work within acceptable parameters, according to the letter of the Deputy Prosecutor R. D. Sultanov. Only perchance, suppressing a cough, do not trust anyone and offer me to come suddenly with the independent experts on the enterprise itself. All there is to capture, measure. The idea seemed interesting to me. But how to get incorruptible experts to the factory?

And I went with this question to the Deputy Prosecutor of the Environmental Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area Natalia Rimanovoi.

– The law on Prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation allows to make a sudden unscheduled inspection, – said Natalia. – But to check, need the reason. The basis are the signals and complaints of citizens about violations of environmental requirements and citizens ‘ rights to safe conditions of life.

Are such signals! I say cute Prosecutor.

And at the same time, under current law, the Prosecutor or Deputy Prosecutor in making a reasoned decision to conduct unscheduled spot-check, shall notify the Directors on the audit.

– How should it notify?! What is this sudden check, if the Directors in advance of it anticipate? – I wondered.

The specificity of the production of paronite in the fact that after the production of the next batch of these products through a pipe in air is discharged a toxic cloud composed of vapor of the solvent and other harmful components. Then the cloud gradually dissolved and the concentration of the poison in the atmosphere is reduced to a minimum. So catch chemists-poisoners, that is, in the act, require just in time work of their chambers.

– There is a provision 294-go the Federal law from 2008, which States that the head of the enterprise must be notified about the test in less than a day, – makes a helpless gesture Natalia Timanova.

– Well, what’s the point in this test? It’s like a suspect in the drug production during the day to warn that tomorrow we’ll walk to the apartment with a search warrant.

– This question is not for me. I’m just an ordinary performer, who acts in accordance with Federal law. If the Prosecutor’s office and the environmental authorities, this law will violate, will constitute a check with no prior notice, the results of their test will be invalidated.

And this is what… the people such a law invented? And what about that law I think.

– Deputies of the State Duma, of course, accepted. And I, in virtue of their official duties, have no right the law to discuss.

Business nightmare people

As explained to me then did not want the publicity of a big official of the Chelyabinsk legislative Assembly: a law, to put it mildly, doubtful adopted by the state Duma after the historic saying “Stop scaring business!”. And as soon as his nightmares ceased, business sometimes started the nightmare. That is why businesses like Ulica invulnerable throughout Russia. These departments can produce not only toys, but deadly “hawthorn”, counterfeit vodka and every threat of counterfeit product. What did they fear? Their own for the day warns about “sudden” test.

By the way, the head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov was elected to the deputies of Chelyabinsk. And not just from Chelyabinsk, his constituency is situated in the Metallurgical district! District, where businesses are changing signs and poison the residents of vapors of the solvent. To ask public servants what he thinks about it, we could not. His assistant on media Alla for two weeks fed us with promises, but in the end the head of the Duma Committee on ecology, and not condescended to comment on the environmental situation in his native County.

What is the danger of “small” companies like Oliha, enlighten me all the same official from the statehouse, they have a low exhaust pipe. And all the poison spread along the ground for miles around: the vegetable beds, on garden trees. And fight in such an atmosphere, the health, the life expectancy of Russians is absurd.

Paronitovye king Alexander Starodumov

The second production of paronite in Chelyabinsk located in the industrial zone to the address: street 2-I Consumer, 32 b. Here, in addition to paronitovye a number of all sorts of shops. And to a stranger it is easy to enter the territory, because the General watchman at the gate asks: who, where and what goes.

Despite Sunday afternoon, paronitovye the shop worked. Going into it, I immediately used to feel pain in the eyes and spasms in the throat. I must say that I myself am not from the Alpine meadows arrived. At the time, served on a diesel submarine, and the Stoker worked at the former plant “ZIL”. And then just straight up sick.

According to the residents of the village of Pershino, people in such shops operate only in gas masks and almost in space suits. Nothing of the sort. Seven or eight young men under the leadership of the young master in this frenzy worked even without a respirator! The equipment is antiquated. Taking pictures, of course, is not allowed. With all the questions addressed to the authorities that “on Monday”.

But what I saw and felt, in my opinion, pulls on criminal charges of willful violation of the legislation on labor protection and health of citizens. I am sincerely sorry for those young workers who are clearly in such circumstances, to retirement do not reach. Okay, if some antisocial elements, and then there are hard-working and helpful men.

– How much you can earn here I asked his exhausted boy with a painful face.

– Twenty thousand, ‘he replied.

But the chiefs of this hell clearly missed the boat on health workers, poor fellows money a lot. And they spit on those stoops.

And not that the production of paronite in Chelyabinsk, “small”, as claimed by my companion. Head paronitovye production on the street Consumer Alexander Starodumov, which we suspect is the real owner of the production on the streets of Adjara, in the spring of this year, boasted in his account in Vkontakte that his company accounts for a third (!) market of production and sales of video surveillance systems in Russia and CIS countries.

Paronitovye king of the Chelyabinsk region is publicly positioning itself as a successful coach, trained in Western universities. He conducts workshops for entrepreneurs and representatives of authorities, what with undisguised pride tells in Facebook and Vkontakte. That is taught to achieve success through the magic of foreign methods. And he, essentially, gets profit at the expense of the health of ordinary men, working without respirators, and release of toxic gases.

Here “to be horrible to because” this business, but, unfortunately, nobody.

By the way, from the shop to the street Consumer is also displayed low exhaust pipe, and no visible fumes in the midst of the work of these tubes not observed. The malicious gases, is colorless.

Near parentwin shop still enough productions in which hundreds of people are probably also breathing this poison. But where to go? They are not too prophesied a long and happy life. As written by the national poet of Chelyabinsk Egor Angry:

The age of the Chelyabinsk short-lived,

And because he is terrible,

Smokestack lightning, chadit on the city

And the dying moan

Again, in the night under the lunar sky

Flying through the smog in a deadly haze.

Long live the virgin and young

This poisoned earth…

Letter from the environmental front

Our editors, disturbed by the suffering of Chelyabinsk, send requests to the relevant authorities and what downright Gogol’s story came out of it.

Response from Management Chelyabinsk “Rospotrebnadzor” says about the fact that they do not have the right to “nightmare” business LLC “Oleh” and LLC “Tech Prof” the law of 26 December 2008 No. 294-F3. And because “CPS” did not stick there nose.

The other day I got on the phone with Valentina Kabirova, Chelyabinsk the assistant to the head of the Committee on ecology of the state Duma Vladimir Burmatova.

– How to deal with people who cry from the production of asbestos? asked colleague.

And Valentina explained that “Rospotrebnadzor” to a parliamentary inquiry, replied: they are all checked, no harmful emissions. All within the law.

Oh wow! In edition all the same Chelyabinsk “Rospotrebnadzor” informs:

“The planned Supervisory activities in relation to OOO “Ulich”, OOO “TEKHNO Prof” …was conducted in accordance with the requirements of Federal law…”.

It’s like, who’s kidding who?

The response from the Ministry of ecology of the Chelyabinsk region is rough and no clear language States that the letter from the “Version” they’re putting in the Chelyabinsk Rosprirodnadzor in the Chelyabinsk “Rostekhnadzor”. At the same time, the Ministry tells us that, according to the explanation of the Federal service in the sphere of nature, from January 1, 2019, the issuance of permits for emissions of pollutants is illegitimate (read – illegal). Stop! But how then to be with the answer of the Deputy Prosecutor of Prosecutor’s office of Chelyabinsk’s Metallurgicheskaya district R. D. Sultanova from 26. 04 2019, which says: “…the company has (…) permit for emission of harmful (polluting) substances in atmospheric air”. But when you consider that the letter from the Prosecutor’s office is missing the word “legal” permission, then like the puzzle come together.

No less dumbfounded response received from the Chelyabinsk edition “RTN”.

“In the territorial division of state register of dangerous industrial objects of Rostekhnadzor for Ural organizations OOO “Ulich”, “TD TEKHNO Prof” … hazardous production facilities are registered.

According to paragraphs 6,7 “Requirements to registration of facilities in the state register <…> the assignment of objects to the hazardous production facilities is carried out by the operating organization on the basis of the identification.

<…> OOO “Ulich”, “TD Tech Prof” the registration of hazardous industrial facilities in the Ural Department of Rostechnadzor has not filed <…> based On the foregoing, control and Supervisory functions in respect of the above organizations, the RTN can not be performed to answer some of the questions, concerning observance of requirements of industrial security in these organizations is not possible. Y. A. Shuvalov (Deputy head)”.

After reading it many times I realized about this: the chiefs hazardous enterprises decide to force their morals, love of country or lack of them, to tell them the truth, that the production they are dangerous, or not to say. And as in our case, the leaders of LLC “Oleh” and “TD Prof” on hazardous production not stated, it is considered non-hazardous because Chelyabinsk “RTN” issues to do with that.

Response from Chelyabinsk “RPN” that is fundamentally contrary to the response from the regional Ministry of environment, in particular, reads:

“…OOO “Oleh” by order of Management (Chelyabinsk “Rosprirodnadzor”) No. 860 from 27.08.2018, issued the permit for emission of harmful substances (pollutants) in atmospheric air No. 1914 for the period from 27.08.2018 for 26.08.2025″.

It further States: so Prof” is the object, subject to regional state ecological supervision. Information about the details of permits for the emission of the enterprise Management does not have… In 2018 – 2019 years of Supervisory activities in relation to OOO “Ulich” Control was carried out. Not be included in the Plan of inspections of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs”.

The only thing I can understand from all these answers is to abolish all these controls, as it were, of the organization. And the savings from the abolition of money harmful enterprises to move outside the city at the request of the population. So what are all these environmental and chelovekoobraznoe organization if, judging by their limited capacity, they can only write vague answers, from which it follows that to deal with the complaints of the people, no one seriously going.

Residents Pershino relied on attention to their trouble the new head of region of Teksler. Especially the attention to environmental issues that was requested by the President in appointing to this position. But it’s been three months since they sent a letter to the new head of the region, but no reply received.

Now I think to vote for such a Governor. And collecting signatures on a letter to the guarantor of the Constitution.


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