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Checked diet: a kilogram each day

Проверенная гречневая диета: минус килограмм каждые суткиNutritionists say that this method has a high efficiency.

Buckwheat diet is designed for only one week. It is often called the “starter” because it helps get rid of excess fluid in the body and reducing body weight by 5-7 kg.

After diet, even if you remain overweight, the person will be go to the correct balanced diet, in which he will continue to lose weight.

The rules of the diet that must be followed:

– last meal at 19:00, before sleep you can drink a bit of kefir;

– drink a glass of water before each meal;

– salt and butter in porridge is not added;

– except buckwheat, yogurt 1,5% fat and filtered water to consume anything.

Buckwheat is cooked always in the evening. The rump to sort, wash under running water and pour boiling water. Wrap the pot with a blanket and this morning the porridge is ready.

If you want, you can fill buckwheat with kefir, so it is not very fresh and more palatable.

Sure during the day to drink water, as meager menu may slow metabolism and result weight loss is not the same as waiting for him.

Due to the complete lack of sugar and salt on the cottage cheese diet people will drastically get rid of extra pounds, but already on the 3rd day of the diet, he may feel fatigue, drowsiness, apathy, therefore, the authors of the diet are allowed to eat 1-2 tablespoons of honey a day, in order to prevent such negative effects of diet.

Obesity and the presence of 20-30 or more extra pounds diet can help to relieve a week from 7 to 10 kg, but you shouldn’t use it, because the diet lacks the appropriate vitamins and nutrients, so follow her for more than seven days is unhealthy and dangerous.

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