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Cheating is not passed

Мухлеж не прошел

In fifty regions of the country are not fulfilled Putin’s decree on increase of salaries of health workers. And the bad news do not stop there.

Over the seven years of the “may decrees” of the President to the reports that wages are rising as they should be, all have become accustomed. Nobody believed much in any breakthrough. And yet these decrees have already changed our lives. And not for the better.

The idea of raising salaries to state employees by the simple will of the President, of course, fantastic. Is it possible to invent something more absurd? Think about it: the head of state of the state obliges companies to pay state workers more. While wages in these agencies are charged not anyhow, but based on the tariffs approved by public agencies.

It would seem, well increase the tariffs as much as necessary to physicians and teachers received the proverbial average salary. Why this circus with the decrees? But that money must be somewhere to take. And so had to get rich, and all.

No, not all. Because the government is threatened not comply, you will be a-tat-tat. With the same success it is possible to publish a decree calling on the sun to Shine around the clock. To be sure, it would be good luminary with something to intimidate.

But is the sun still, and began to get out. Learned to maneuver payroll funds and staffing schedules. It is clear that the most simple — to raise salaries due to the increase in load. State employees working on one bid — endangered species. Good to spread on more nurses on duty and teachers are more lessons is simple — employees are always lacking.

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Speaking of lack of personnel. The phenomenon is traditionally explained by the reluctance of specialists to go into the public sector. This is also all used as something seemingly obvious. However, in reality the situation is more complicated.

I wish to have, but not all of them desirable. Refuse the young — they have no experience, no category, and the category and experience affect salary and, respectively, of the salary statistics of institution. Deny part — time workers, it appears that they too spoil the statistics. Denied to those who are not ready to take on half rate. That is, people like and need in the industry, and make them can not. Other administration clinics, hospitals, schools and kindergartens already like the Sergeant’s widow flogged themselves. It’s not everywhere, but some places practiced. These are the consequences of populist power requirements.

Anyway, due to various simple manipulations formally, where something grows. Doctors and teachers figures to salary slip timidly tightened. Nurses not really, but perhaps soon their day will come. So many people think. However, not many people enjoyed this.

Went even a strange wave of public, if the public sector all too well, and enough of them, freeloaders, to be fattened up — say, sales managers and operatsionistki in banks generally ten hours a day working, and get the same or less. And this resentment is also a problem. After the split of the society to the good never drove.

Indignant, trying to explain something to envy, something to plow at two rates either the teacher or the doctor is not helpful. Babbitt quips: he told someone that the rate of teachers — 18 lessons per week, and that within two hours of the day, the teacher already at home sipping tea. Only here in the rate is the same irregular hours for preparing lessons, filling out papers, participation in seminars, conferences, training.

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The same doctors— have a watch to be allowed to work with patients, and have the time to prepare reports, meetings, seminars, training and again training. If you add it all up, will a standard 40-hour week. Multiply by one and a half, and a week for 60 hours.

Now the question: who would want his children taught by people who have no time to read a book? Who is not afraid to be treated by a doctor who has no time to carefully look at medical records?

And the most acute problem and nursing staff. In some regions, such billing, even working two bets, you will not see this in the average salary. One time in the reports the problem was trying to cover up unexpected quarterly premiums (some rare target infusion did in the industry), but so long fool can’t even get statistics. And no passes with the staffing did not help.

The nurses there are still salary of 5-7 thousand rubles. In small towns and villages, nurses have to carry twelve daily shifts per month (to operate continuously for 24 hours the labor code prohibits, but in the report card because everything else is made). And this is done in order to survive, not to please the President, ordered the to make more money.

To please anyone you still. But scare easily.

However, the news about how crocked nurses give patients the formalin instead of saline, we, too, have become accustomed…


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