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Cheat and survive: effective recipes against hunger

Обмануть и выжить: эффективные рецепты против чувства голода Simple and proven methods.

Is you is: in the middle of watching the show, you suddenly feel that you must now eat a muffin or a chocolate bar?

Even if half an hour ago you had a big lunch. In most cases, we don’t experience real hunger, this feeling is not due to the fact that you have stomach is empty, and with emotion. When we feel fear, anxiety, fatigue, or resentment, our brain may not be able to decode the signal.

That’s just to convince the stomach muttering that he shouldn’t rumbling, it is very difficult! Fortunately, emotional hunger does not last forever. If you apply our proposed tweaks, then after a few minutes the hunger will be gone.

Carrot, carrot and more carrot. Keep foods low in calories but high in fiber: carrots, cabbage, lettuce. If you felt hunger pangs, you start to eat them. Plus raw vegetables is that they need a long time to chew. By the time you chew a carrot, the hunger pangs go away as if it never happened.

Play games. One study proved that the game in the usual Tetris in 3 minutes reduces cravings by about 14%. The fact that computer games or games on the phone include mental processes in the brain that suppress hunger. You probably know about this effect: inspired by the work you perform some interesting tasks, you forget about lunch.

Call friends. Want to eat something fatty or sweet? Immediately grab the phone and call for those of your friends, who knows how long and tasteful to talk on the phone. It is desirable that it was interesting to you or someone who is always full of news and gossip. In this case, operates with the same principle: we are out of ideas about food that have to be included in the discussion to follow the idea of the interlocutor to keep the conversation going. After 10-15 minutes of chatting you’ll forget what you wanted there.

Turn on the imagination. There is a theory that says that our food cravings exist because we “draw” them in his imagination. For example, a steaming pizza, a cake-basket, a bar of chocolate. Imagine right now some of these products, and you will instantly feel that you want to eat it immediately. But there is good news: imagination can not only ruin your figure, but also to help avoid temptation! How? Ann Hsu, Ph. D., studies the human behavior at the University of London, offers this trick. Whenever you want sweets, think of something completely unrelated to food.

For example, imagine a dense forest. Or unicorn. Or a chic convertible. After a couple of minutes you will forget about your hunger.

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