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Cheapest option: a new method of dumping people

Дешевый вариант: предложен новый способ захоронения людей Scientists propose to bury people without coffins.

Australian scientists from Queensland University have proposed a new method of burial of people, which will be a “lifeline” for wild flora and fauna. Mathematician Matthew Holden has calculated how much it can save you funds. So, the researchers propose to bury people without coffins and chemicals.

A place called Ramsey Creek Preserve is, for example, in South Carolina (USA). This area of 28 hectares where the bodies are buried people in the woods, and over them put endangered native species: the Orchid Hexalectris spicata or Agalinis linifolia. The Park also provides protection Kostov, black bears and birds.

The idea is not only cheaper and more ecological method of burial of people, but also the ability to transfer the savings to the Fund for the protection of nature. In America there are already seven such cemeteries in Britain – two.

The researchers believe: a little information will make the innovation popular, because people will understand how important this is and responsibly towards our planet.

“People tend to leave a financial legacy, so we spend money on fancy coffins and tombstones. We can use the money to preserve our heritage,” says Holden.

Scientists for the first time talking about this issue and always point to objective reasons for its proposal. First, it is the embalming chemicals and the materials from which coffins are made. Secondly, it is formaldehyde – a substance used for processing the body of the deceased to decompose slower. All of this toxic materials that cause too much damage to the soil. Environmentalists also oppose cremation: waste after it is also very toxic. Is and heavy metals, and toxic gases, which cause irreparable harm to the environment.

The researchers believe that humanity must look to natural burial, when the deceased are placed in biodegradable containers, which are then buried, for example, in the woods. Thus the existing landscape will remain much longer.

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