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Charlize Theron spoke about a new lover

Шарлиз Терон рассказала о новом возлюбленномThe actress had a great time on a date.

After a breakup two years ago with actor Sean pen Charlize Theron very rarely talks in interviews about his personal life.

But Charlize Theron still blurted out that she had a boyfriend. The name of your chosen star hides, but happy to talk about Dating with this stranger.

According to Theron, her new boyfriend has a great sense of humor. It keeps her entertained at home or during walks. But how seriously all of them star does not speak.

“I was on a date about a month ago. It was perfect! Everything was incredibly romantic. And my companion really impressed me. We went for a long walk at night. It was a full moon. It was very comfortable and fun with each other” – confessed the 41-year-old actress.

Recall that about two years ago, Charlize broke up with actor Sean Penn. She dated that guy for two years and even going to marry him.

In the Bank Theron, in addition to romance with Penn, have relationships with actors Craig Birko and Stuart Townsend. Now the actress has two adopted children: son Jackson and daughter August.

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