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Channing Tatum’ll produce a zombie movie from the Director of “Kung fury”

Gorgeous short film “Kung fury” 2015 was one of the most notable, most fun and iconic indie projects in recent years. The Director of the film, he is writer, producer, actor, Swiss David Sandberg not just amused the audience, no, he caught and led the trend of nostalgic thrash, created a sort of distillation of police fighters, stupid fiction, kung fu and the spirit of the ‘ 80s. Dinosaurs, Vikings, Nazis, What else is needed for happiness at all?

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And here Sandberg attached to the new project. Chinese company Tencent Pictures, actor Channing Tatum as a producer and Reid Carolin”s Free Association have teamed up to film the manga “zombie Brother” (Xiong Shi), which is also from the same anime. The script for the movie needs to write a young writer Matt Lieberman.

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Well, a zombie movie from the Director of “Kung fury”? Should be fun!

But Sandberg promised a full-length sequel, “Kung fury 2” that also had to do Free Association. News about this movie was not very long ago, but we hope and believe. Its premiere is scheduled for 2018.

Well, for the lulz view episode anime Zombie Brother. It’s really funny.

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