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Channel Kolomoisky filled “day of silence” projects Zelensky

Election campaigning ends 24 hours last Friday before election day.

April 20, in the “day of silence” before the second round of the presidential elections, on the TV channel “1+1” is scheduled to show the film with the participation of the candidate in presidents Vladimir Zelensky, and projects headed by the Studio “Kvartal 95”.

So, 16:35 will be showing the show “Evening quarter”, at 18:30 show “Laugh comedian. Children” at 20:15 – Чистоnews, 20:25 – again, “Evening quarter”.

At 22:20 will be showing the Comedy “I, you, he, she” in which Zelensky acts as the Director and lead male role.

As you know, the TV channel “1+1” belongs to oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky.

According to part 2 of article 57 of the law “On elections of President of Ukraine” election campaign ends in 24 hours last Friday before election day.

Article 58 of this law among the forms of pre-election promotion determines, in part, “a publication in printed and audiovisual (electronic) mass media political advertisements, speeches, interviews, essays, video films, audio and video clips, other publications and messages” as well as “the holding of concerts, performances, sport competitions, demonstration of films and television programs or other public events with the support of the party – subject of electoral process or a candidate for President of Ukraine, as well as the disclosure of information about such support.” It is also noted that the agitation can be carried out “in other forms not contradicting the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine.”

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