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Changed 51-year-old Marina Khlebnikov States that had not done huh


On February 28, the First channel aired the episode “Let them talk”, the heroine of which was a star of the 90s, the 51-year-old Marina Khlebnikova. In conversation with the presenter Andrey Malakhov, the singer spoke about the difficult relationship with her husband. According to the artist, her husband, businessman Mikhail Maganic turned out to be a swindler.

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“My mistake was that I decided to bring it into their sphere of activity. He released the album “Cats of my soul”, and I have not received any money for it, I neither sleep nor spirit did not know about. And when I saw then, some individuals and banks he took loans! And then comes the article “Husband Khlebnikova stole Joseph Prigogine 500 thousand dollars.” I’m his afraid to approach, I a dime of that money is not seen!” — said Marina.

When Klebnikov ceased to appear on stage and secular parties, there was a rumor that she had a drinking problem. The singer has denied this information, saying that all this time continued to work hard.

Many called the actress a “victim art”, but the Marina says that never resorted to plastic surgeon.

“The beauty secret is to sleep a little longer. I myself have never resorted to plastic surgery. I had not cut one inch of the skin. But if I want, I’ll do it,” — said the star.

Frame from the transmission

In the Studio were also present 17-year-old daughter Khlebnikova Dominica. The girl followed in the footsteps of famous mom and now makes his first steps in music.

Daughter Marina Khlebnikova

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