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Chandra again took up scientific work

«Чандра» снова приступила к научной работеOctober 10 the Observatory went into safe mode.

NASA experts said that the x-ray Observatory “Chandra” has returned to scientific work after October 10, went into safe mode due to failure of one of the gyros. As reported on the Agency’s website, the telescope was able to return to work on 21 October, after researchers have updated its software.

In the near future, the specialists have planned a series of maneuvers to Chandra that will allow them to test the gyro. In addition, they will carefully examine all the data collected by the Observatory, and then make adjustments in software.

At the moment the age of Chandra is 19 years, although initially its mission was designed to five. In 2001, NASA has extended the mission of the telescope for another 10 years, and later it became clear that it can work out much longer.

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