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CG-promo “the Dark tower” brings together all the works of Stephen king (VIDEO)

Now Carrie. And great Turtle.

We just shout do not shout about Movie universe of Stephen king in the new film promo “the Dark tower” (The Dark Tower). And the previous movie was dedicated to the numerous Easter eggs that the film sends fans to the different works of the Master (more on that here), and so the new video and called: “THE DARK TOWER – the Connected KINGdom”, where KINGdom – there is a play on words, as translated “Kingdom” in the name of “king”. They say, “the Dark tower – the Kingdom of the King of Horror”. Thank you, we already know.

It’s funny that this video appeared online just ahead of the release of the new trailer, It at the same time PR at the expense of “It” (this video is Pennywise, but there is a drain, the red balloon and the words about the Turtle from the novel “It” on the wall) and – PR itself “It.”

Then there is “Christine” and “the Shining” and more – room school prom, which poured pig’s blood on the title character “Carrie”.

But this time, no scenes from the film, all drawn on the computer.

Our world is not the only one in existence. Sworn enemies of Roland Diskin, the last of the order shooters, and Walter O Dim, also known as the Man in black, are the eternal struggle. At stake — the mythical Dark Tower, the last Bastion and hope of the universe, without which the world would fall into chaos and destruction. The forces of good and evil is destined to face in the last fight, because Roland Distin — the only one who can stop the Man in black before he destroys the Dark Tower.

Premiere in Russia – 3 August 2017. Personally, I’m much more waiting for “It”. And you?

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