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Celebrity, surprising generosity. Photo

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. ФотоThey are not averse to help those in need.

Rich and famous people are not necessarily turning into an arrogant cheapskate. Among them there are those who takes full advantage of his position to help others.

We found for you 12 examples of how people have shown extraordinary generosity.

Cesaria Evora

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

The “barefoot Diva” (as the Cesaria called for her manner to go on stage barefoot) from Cape Verde is a shining example of what one person can do a lot to thousands of others. Just imagine the singer one entirely financed the primary education system in the country, part of the system of secondary and higher education, as well as half of the nation’s health care system. Because of the Cesaria Evora thousands of its citizens have learned at least to read and write, and received medical assistance.

Keanu Reeves

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

Keanu donated millions to the fight against leukemia, the funds to help children and organizations for the protection of animals. In addition, the actor shared his fee for the 2nd and 3rd part of the movie “the Matrix” with the staff that was responsible for the costumes and special effects. Keanu felt that it would be fair, and without regret parted with $ 75 million For reviews, where he starred in “the Matrix”, the actor was the only star cast, who greeted every employee, asked their names, and one of them gave $ 20 thousand as a Christmas bonus simply because found out about his dire situation.

Zach Galifianakis

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

When Zach was a young actor, he met in the Laundry room with an elderly woman named Mimi Heist. She worked in the Laundry and actually there and lived, as became homeless after she left an unfaithful husband. Zach and Mimi became friends, and when the actor found success, he took his girlfriend’s apartment, began to pay rent and other bills. Another friend of Zack, Renee Zellweger, comes to visit Mimi and brings her groceries, and she takes the old lady at the premiere of his films. By the way, about the life of Mimi the film, which was released in 2016.

George Michael

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

The singer has donated millions to charity, and organized free concerts and helped people in distress, but always tried to do it secretly. Therefore, most of the good stuff only became known after his death. According to eyewitnesses, George paid the debts of strangers. For example, seeing a crying woman in a cafe, he wrote a check for 25 thousand pounds and asked me to give it to her after his departure, and at other times paid by student loan girl bartender. Another woman he gave 15 thousand pounds on IVF, and she is finally able to become a mother.

Paul Walker

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

Like George Michael, Paul Walker did not seek to do good deeds in public, and his generous gesture we learned only after the death of the actor in 2013. a Former salesman of a jewellery store said that Paul saw how young people chose an engagement ring, but in the end left with nothing — they just could not afford it. Actor paid for any ring a pair of $ 9 000 and asked store employees to anonymously give it to the bride and groom, which was done.

Jose Mujica

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

Former President of Uruguay, known as “the poorest President”. And not because he had a small salary, although she was really not so great compared with the income of other heads of States — “only” $ 12 500 per month. The fact that a large part of their income, “El Pepe” (as the Uruguayans called their President) gave to the needy, and himself lived in a farmhouse that was moved on the old Volkswagen Beetle, appealed to the same clinic as his fellow citizens, and even sitting in the queue to the doctor with them. His wife Lucia Topolansky also donates a portion of their income to help the poor.

Ellen DeGeneres

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

And here is an example that good deeds will be rewarded (though to be done on purpose). 22-year-old waitress Sarah Hoidal paid the bill of two female soldiers that she served. Perhaps the amount will seem small — just $ to 27.75. But for the soldiers who cut the funding, and for Sarah, who raises her child alone, she’s not so small. By the way, that day she didn’t have enough money even to put gas in my old car — at the end of shift Sara was only $ 8. TV host Ellen DeGeneres learned about the good deed girls, invited her to his show, where he presented $ 10 million, television (Ellen learned that the old TV Sarah broke), and then I bought a new car.

Manny Pacquiao

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

Manny Pacquiao was born into a very poor family with many children. To earn a living, he at an early age had to quit school and sell doughnuts on the street. When this guy had time to train and due to its exceptional tenacity and iron will became the world famous boxer. Breaking out of poverty, Manny decided to help their former neighbors and began to build houses for them. Now these houses are already more than a thousand, built a village called “village PAC-man” (Pac-Man is a nickname for a boxer). In addition to residential buildings, the village has courts for sports, a Park and multipurpose center.

Charles “Chuck” Feeney

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

The founder of a network of Duty Free — the undoubted leader among philanthropists. It is called “billionaire without a billion”, because almost all his fortune (more than $ 6 billion) it spent on charity in countries such as Ireland, Vietnam, USA, Australia and South Africa. Now Chuck Feeney 86 years, and he continues to follow his plan to spend up to 2020, all remaining funds in the development of systems of education, health and civil rights.

JK Rowling

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

“Mom Harry Potter” donated to charity so much that of women, has become a millionaire. She gave the needy $ 160 million, or 16 % of his fortune. Joan knows what it means to be poor, because when she wrote her first book (which the publisher did not want to print — should be, now they bite your elbows in frustration), she had to live on welfare. Rowling has written several books specifically in order to fully allocate the fees received for them ($30 million) to various funds. In addition, it also has its own charitable Fund called Lumos.

Elvis Presley

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

The king of rock ‘ n ‘ roll loved cars and always bought them, but not just for myself. One day while going to the salon for the next car, he saw a woman admires the luxurious Cadillac. The singer was asked if she likes the car and receiving an affirmative answer, he immediately bought it and gave it to the stranger. The case was described in the radio news and presenter jokingly said that he would not refuse such a gift. And he got it! After all, Elvis was listening to the radio at that very minute, and he not only gave the car the lead, but even called him and asked which color he prefers. It is believed that during his life, Elvis gave more than 100 Cadillacs, Lincolns, Mercedes and other machines, and some claim that they were in 2 times more. On a truly Royal generosity Elvis was a documentary film.

Nicki Minaj

Знаменитости, удивившие щедростью. Фото

Here is another proof that the book cannot be judged by its cover. Frivolous image of the singer does not mean that she is not able to be generous, and most recently, Nicky has proved it. She agreed to pay the student loans of their fans from all countries, and it is thousands of dollars. Nicky just wants to confirm that the student does well, and money will indeed be spent on tuition or books, and not on something else.

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