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Celebrities who died in bizarre circumstances. Photo

Знаменитости, погибшие при нелепых обстоятельствах. ФотоThem hard to believe.

At times, reviewing films with a gripping storyline, the audience is surprised by the imagination of the writers. Those often make the characters die at the incredible coincidence. However, in real life it happens and such. The survey collected the most absurd of death of famous people.


Знаменитости, погибшие при нелепых обстоятельствах. Фото

The ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus called the father of European tragedy. He died at 69 years old. According to the surviving Chronicles, he died of a… turtle. The eagle grabbed the reptile, lifted into the sky and dropped on the stones to break the shell. Turtle He threw a turtle down. It fell directly upon the head of Aeschylus.

Alan Pinkerton

Знаменитости, погибшие при нелепых обстоятельствах. Фото

In the second half of the nineteenth century the activities of the detective Alan Pinkerton followed by all the Newspapers. He brilliantly exposed the conspiracy and found the criminals. Once Mr Pinkerton was strolling down the street, stumbled, bit his tongue. This small market has led to the fact that the detective died suddenly from gangrene.

Isadora Duncan

Знаменитости, погибшие при нелепых обстоятельствах. Фото

Beautiful dancer and a pioneer loved making an entrance and saying good-bye. The fate for it has played a malicious joke with it. September 14, 1927 Isadora Duncan was nice. She was going to take a walk around the city. Woman wearing your favorite long red scarf, sat in the car and shouted the words: “Farewell, friends! I go to glory!” After that the car started. Suddenly the end of the scarf is wound on a wheel axle, giving Isadora a noose.

Harry Houdini

Знаменитости, погибшие при нелепых обстоятельствах. Фото

One day, three students went to the famous illusionist Harry Houdini. One of them asked if to hit him in the stomach to make sure the steel press is a magician. Houdini at this point about something thought and unconsciously nodded in response. When the student hit the magician in the stomach, he did not expect the blow. Then he again strained the press and took two more kicks. The students left satisfied, but for Houdini’s missed shot was fatal. He provoked the rupture of the Appendix and subsequent peritonitis. Antibiotics did not yet exist, and the Great Houdini died.

Anatoly Romashin

Знаменитости, погибшие при нелепых обстоятельствах. Фото

Soviet and Russian actor Anatoly Romashin in the day of his death was at the cottage. He decided to cut pine. When it was almost done, the actor is not calculated where it has to be felled. Unfortunately, it fell in the direction where stood the medicine, and it crushed.

Brandon Lee

Знаменитости, погибшие при нелепых обстоятельствах. Фото

Brandon Lee had a hard time to fight their way to Hollywood, after his first all perceived only as the son of the celebrated star Bruce Lee. Finally, when the fame came to the actor, happened irreparable. In 1993, Brandon Lee worked on the film “the Raven”. During one scene, Michael Massey, who played the antagonist of the main character, actor shot from a revolver. The barrel of the gun was a cap that nobody noticed. At the time of the shot she stabbed Brandon in the stomach. Massive hemorrhage has not allowed doctors to bring the actor to life.

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