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Celebrities suffering from mental disorders. Photo

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. ФотоHealth problems not avoid them.

In a society mental illness is still considered a sign of social and physical inferiority. The cult of happiness and well-being have exacerbated the problem: ask for help means to admit himself a failure. However, mental disorders are not talking about insolvency. An example of this – many successful and famous people who openly acknowledged his illness. About them we will tell in our material.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

In 2013, Michael Douglas, Catherine’s husband, confirmed the rumors about his intention to divorce with the actress: “I can not endure more than a global depression because of the illness of Catherine.” Zeta-Jones has two years of recovering from bipolar personality disorder – a disease in which affective States (emotional UPS) alternate with causeless energy slumps, sadness and depression. Fortunately, the couple managed to overcome the crisis.

“Bipolar disorder is a disease that is found in millions of people, and I’m just one of them. If my public recognition of this diagnosis has inspired at least one person to seek help, then it’s worth it. No need to suffer in silence: there is no shame to ask for help,” said the actress.

Sinned, O’connor, bipolar disorder

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

In November 2015 the singer long suffering from manic-depressive psychosis, attempted suicide. To save Shinned failed because of the entry in Facebook, which she left on the eve: “I didn’t have anyone. I think I already died a million times from the pain. My family absolutely does not appreciate. They would have several weeks before I found out I died, so I’m telling you now.”

While the singer is under the supervision of doctors. Previously she has repeatedly admitted to the hospital due to his diagnosis. Relatives O’connor asked the administration to temporarily block Facebook her account to avoid increased attention and rumors.

A few days ago, the singer turned again for help. Sinead O’connor was published on his page in Facebook emotional video about mentally ill people, loneliness and suicidal thoughts that stirred her colleagues and fans.

The singer says that she lives alone in a Motel in new Jersey, and in her life no one except the therapist. It is regularly visited by thoughts of suicide.

– This is not life, says O’connor. She adds that she lives only for her son. We will remind, two years ago, she lost custody of 13-year-old boy.

– I live not for yourself. Whether it’s for me, I would have already gone to your mother! Because I walk the earth alone for two years, as if being punished for that damn mental disorder. And just mad because no one cares about me. Mainly because of my suicidality.

Charlize Theron, obsessive-compulsive disorder

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

Diagnosis Hollywood beauties better known to the society under the name “obsessive-compulsive”. The actress does not hide the problems, saying: “I Have obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it’s no fun! I always have to be incredibly organized and disciplined, otherwise it starts to affect my brain.”

What is neurosis? If in the closet, Only one thing is not in his place, she begins to worry and lose sleep. Given that sort of activity celebrities often have to travel around to various apartments, the ideal order needs to be in each of them.

“Mental illness makes people feel uncomfortable. They acquire the status of a defect, people are ashamed of it. Honesty famous people, no doubt, helps to change public opinion on this disease”, — Katrina gay, the representative of the National Alliance of mental illness USA

Cameron Diaz, obsessive-compulsive rasstrojstvo

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

Cameron Diaz also suffers from neurosis of obsession, but she worries not about the order and the purity. Diaz is afraid of germs and trying not to touch door handles in public places, opening doors with their elbows. OCD makes a star very frequently wash and disinfect their hands, which negatively affects the condition of the skin.

Jim Carrey, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

Jim Carrey – actor, whose stunning facial expressions and artistry brought him worldwide fame and success. However, he admits he owes a lot of ADHD – neurological-behavioral disorder that made him inattentive and impulsive: “I Can not believe it, but as a child I was painfully shy. Such a nerd as I land is not born. Me nobody — seriously, nobody! — not talking. “Who, Jim? He’s crazy, okay? The hell with him out!” And suddenly it dawned on me: those clown room, which I really did at home, unable to slip in school. I remember when I tried for the first time: arrive at school and begin to fall UP the stairs. All around just exploded with laughter. I was “Jim the jerk” and become “Jim, of course, he was still a moron, but fun!”

Barbra Streisand, the fear of public speaking

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

It is difficult to imagine that the man whose life is built on publicity, afraid to speak in front of an audience. However, this disorder was once threatened the career of Barbra Streisand.

Panic attacks often forced the singer and actress to cancel concerts just a couple of minutes before the start: to deal with fear is not possible. In 1967, on the stage, Barbra forgot the words to all the songs I came to hear the 135 million viewers. After that, Streisand decided to take a course of psychotherapy, however, to reappear before the public were only able after 27 years, in 1994.

JK Rowling depression

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

Author JK Rowling, the author of a series of books about Harry Potter – a real role model for those who truly wish to defeat your depression. Before becoming the author of the cult stories about the young wizard, Rowling found himself a captive of clinical depression.

Setbacks in personal life and poverty even caused suicidal thoughts, but a small child and creativity helped to keep the will to live: “I stopped pretending to himself that I was something other than actually, and began to focus all my energy on completing the only work that meant something to me. I’m relieved because my biggest fear was realized and I was still alive, I still had a daughter whom I adored, I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became the solid Foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

Halle berry, depression

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

In 23 years, Halle berry was discovered diabetes type 1 diabetes. This disease requires a careful attitude to their health, strict diet and regular insulin injections. Easy successful model and actress to overcome your habits? Alas, this Holly had to go through 3 diabetic coma.

Once hyperglycemia has developed in the stars due to depression: Halle berry began drinking, which for a diabetic is equivalent to suicide. However, after that, the actress once tried to commit suicide after learning about her husband’s infidelity.

Despite repeated treatment in rehabilitation clinics, the berry until the end and did not suffer from depression. “The passion for destruction is in my blood,” she says.

Gwyneth Paltrow, postpartum depression

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

The actress had faced a depression following the birth of her first child in 2004. Later in an interview for Vogue she admits: “I was expecting to feel a wave of tenderness and euphoria. Instead, I faced one of the darkest and most painfully debilitating chapters of my life. About five months I, as I see now, in retrospect, suffered from postpartum depression”.

As it turned out, this condition is not always accompanied by crying or refusing to take care of a newborn. Gwyneth says that she fulfilled all the duties of a young mother, but felt nothing, “was like a zombie”. Fortunately, an ex-husband Chris Martin helped Paltrow to regain composure, and two years later, the couple got another baby.

Stephen fry, bipolar disorder

Знаменитости, страдающие от душевных расстройств. Фото

Witty and flamboyant English writer and actor also lives with bipolar disorder, what made a documentary film “manic depression Stephen fry” (2006). He also unashamedly said in an interview about how in 2012 he attempted suicide, drinking vodka large number of sleeping pills.

“I’m a victim of my own moods, and are exposed to extremes much more than most people. So I sometimes have to take pills. If I don’t, are either too depressed or overly excited,” says Frye, and his words perfectly describe the symptoms of the disease.

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