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CD Projekt RED has shown how the Witcher conquered the world

CD Projekt RED показала, как ведьмак Геральт завоевал мирFrom the very beginning of The Witcher series has always differed a strong emphasis on story and immersion in a fantasy world.

The 25th anniversary CD Projekt RED along with PlayStation has released some clips of important milestones in its history-over text reads Doug cockle (Doug Cockle), Geralt of English versions of all three parts of The Witcher. The first movie dedicated to the origins of CD Projekt and the second directly to the Witcher Geralt of Rivia, the most famous character of the company.

“Of course, we are big fans of “the Witcher”, and decided to create the game, we put a series of books “the Witcher”, I think, in the first place, and then began to check if you can get right. It happened, and after that we started working on The Witcher,” said co-founder and President of CD Projekt RED Marcin Ivinsky (Marcin Iwiński). The Witcher trilogy is loved by players worldwide, but as the series has captured the hearts of millions of people?

The first game introduced the world of Geralt of Rivia, one of the last remaining monster hunters called witchers. “The witches were guys, which was subjected to mutations and harsh training,” he told channel PlayStation one of the Directors of the game, Tomaskovic Conrad (Konrad Tomaszkiewicz). Geralt is one of the few lucky ones who survived after exposure to the cocktail of potions and poisons, which gave him superhuman abilities and the opportunity to be trained in the fortress of kaer Morhen, the last of the Academy wizards.

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Geralt is a true gaming icon. Love the cosplayers, he is a special guest character in a major fighting game and, of course, spawned many memes. Despite his otherworldly powers, Geralt is in many ways more human than many other characters of this harsh world. Perhaps this allows players to identify with him.

From the very beginning of The Witcher series has always differed a strong emphasis on story and immersion in a fantasy world. CD Projekt RED strives to give players an emotional adventure. The Director of the English adaptation of Boris Pugach-Murashkevich (Borys Pugacz Muraszkiewicz) said: “Storytelling has always played a very important role in our development process, the story has always been a base from where we started to work on the game.”

Despite the commercial success and warm reception from critics original The Witcher, the financial crisis that struck Poland in 2008 could put an end to the game the adventures of Geralt, but the company survived, and in 2011 appeared The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The sequel was better in every way: in the combat system and graphics, and the consequences of decisions become even deeper.

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Game Director Mateusz, Tomaskovic (Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz) said: “I Think that we managed to implement in the game many of the ideas that we had planned. One of the biggest, my favorite feature of the series is nonlinearity, when the decision of the player in the first act can lead to a completely different second act.”

This is a branching narrative, people liked and gave the Studio the confidence to move on in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the final Chapter of the epic story of Geralt. Level designer miles Tost (Tost Miles) recalls: “People were saying that the game can be either open world, or qualitative, linear, based on the story of the environment, and we wanted to prove everyone wrong this assertion, saying, “No, we can combine the two””.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was the debut game on the PlayStation and has gone from a relatively linear environment of the first two games to adventure in an open world, and the quality of application was not injured. Development Manager community Marcin Momot (Marcin Momot) said: “the Creation of such a believable, living and massive open world, with such attention to detail, I think, has fundamentally changed the game. When I saw all this from the point of view of the player, it was, frankly, amazed”.

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