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Cazza print smart city on a 3D printer

Cazza напечатают смарт-город на 3D-принтереIt will be a real breakthrough in construction.

3D technology first showed itself in something more or less simple, small objects calculated to nanometer parts, not beautiful and with very thick walls of the house.

Now 3D printing can show itself absolutely on the other hand, if it will be able to print the smart city.

The company Cazza, which took up the construction, says that the construction of the “city” will take only ten days, and each day the printer is set to 300 meters of the structure. If a company will succeed, it will be a real breakthrough in construction. For 3D printing is open 24 hours a day, she doesn’t need vacation or sick leave, she knows exactly what and where to print, in the end she doesn’t need fixing, all the elements she is fusing, and the builders in the usual sense of the profession is also become unnecessary, respectively, of the house printed on the printer automatically become cheaper.

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It should be noted that Cazza did not just come to build a smart city, the company wants to create a few of these cities-houses.

Co-founder and chief operating officer Cazza Fernando de Los Rios says: “we Have patented technology available not only for homes but also architectural structures of immense proportions. We plan to release some of these technologies for homes in December, and technologies to a larger building in mid-2017.”

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When it starts a 3D construction in the company yet do not specify.

Cazza напечатают смарт-город на 3D-принтере

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