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Caved in, adversaries

Прогнулись, супостаты

Looks like it is, so long as the Bolsheviks said: WADA has suspended Russia from participation in all competitions for four years, including all world Championships and Olympics. The question remains, how to apply all this to the Russian population, that it looked like a victory over all the enemies of Russian sports.

I think it will make simple: dismissed — but not banned at all! Caved in, adversaries. Initially, it was about a total ban for the Russians to participate in any competitions. And here — lepota: you can participate only under a neutral flag. So we’re not used to it. You will think, nonsense — without a flag and anthem! Even stylish: how to see someone in sector for high jumps, or with a barbell over your head, all in white like a shroud — just know: this is our Russia! The main thing is the result!

In General, we can say that carried. Will say so. And yet, perhaps, be thrown on the mercy of the crowd a couple of “sports bureaucrats” — they are still no pity. Although just a no brainer that the combination of doping on this scale no partchinovniki would never even think to pull even at all desire.

No brainer that all the global machinations were and are our relatives “bodies” — without them, everything would have died down in the beginning. In revelations Rodchenkova about Sochi featured a “FSB major”, which allegedly tampered with vials of urine through a hole in the wall. But he said two words and then forgot, “never”.

And that is true — will not be the same “authorities” themselves to arrest? Game what it is. But once, we can say that Russia won the white.

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