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Caution: these products can increase the pressure

Осторожно: эти продукты могут повысить давление Doctors told which food you should refrain people who are prone to hypertension.

Hypertension is most prevalent in modern society, rather than hypotension, when a person suffers from low blood pressure. Therefore, doctors once again decided to remind people how to avoid increasing pressure by eating certain foods.

These products can instantly increase the pressure:

– alcoholic beverages, especially carbonated beverages;

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– sweet soda;

– butter cakes;

– very salty food: canned, semi-finished products, smoked products and so on;

– too spicy dishes;

– caffeinated drinks and dark chocolate;

– decoctions of such herbs: schisandra, ginseng;

– fatty meat;

– spicy food;

– starchy vegetables such as potatoes;

– butter and margarine.

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By the way, hypotensive patients whose blood pressure is constantly dropping below normal, on the contrary, you can lean on these products, as in their case, they will benefit.

Especially careful while consuming these products should be people suffering from hypertension and those who are prone to its development.

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