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Causes and symptoms of hormonal disturbances in women

Причины и симптомы нарушения гормонального фона у женщинThe doctors suggested, which may change the process of hormone production and how it manifests itself on the health of women.

For anybody not a secret that the female body and all the systems were constructed so that women were able to carry and give birth to a child. Every month hormones suffer changes that can be seen by the naked eye for appearance, health and mood of the fairer sex. Thus, a woman’s body is preparing for a possible conception of a child, if such does not occur, menstruation begins.

Doctors say that hormonal imbalance may occur and on the other, and not just physiological, reasons. Moreover, the Kiev gynecologists warn women that hormonal disturbances can lead to serious consequences, so when the first symptoms should consult a doctor.

Reasons hormonal failure:

1. Infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. Hormone production can be disrupted because of untimely or improper treatment, and also if the woman is not properly treated and launched disease.

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2. Operations. Moved woman the surgery on the genitals, including abortion, is able to trigger the development of hormonal failure, which often leads to infertility.

3. Stress or depression. The endocrine system is seriously affected at the time when a woman is in a state of stress. This is why you disrupted hormonal balance. Treatment can be delayed for a few months and this is the case, if the woman noticed the symptoms of hormonal failure and appealed to the gynecologist.

Symptoms of hormonal disorders in the background:

1. Violation of the menstrual cycle. Absence of menstruation or failure of the cycle should alert a woman and get her to go on reception to the gynecologist.

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2. Migraine and dizziness. These symptoms can indicate various diseases, including hormonal failure.

3. Obesity. Women are gaining excess weight, not knowing why, and in fact all the fault of incorrect production of certain hormones. To help in this case, can only physician.

4. Emotional stress. Often hormonal imbalance is accompanied by a bad mood. Moreover, a woman can be annoying everything and everyone around, she is not able to control myself and tears of anger at loved ones.

5. Insomnia or drowsiness. The hormonal disruption in the background of every woman produces different symptoms: someone wants to sleep all the time and become weary, and who, on the contrary, could not sleep.

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