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“Catwoman” attacked a 50-year-old boyfriend with scissors

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71-year-old Jocelyn, Wildenstein (Jocelyne Wildenstein), known “as the cat woman” arrested for assaulting his 49-year-old lover, designer Lloyd Klein.

Lloyd Klein and Jocelyn Wildenstein
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The incident happened at the house the couple during dinner. During the dinner Klein was sitting in the phone, in social networks, and that was the cause of the quarrel. Joslyn went crazy and took standing next to a lit candle and squirted him in the face, and after all pounced on the man and scratched his face with nails. Boyfriend tried to calm the angry Jocelyn, however, the woman more angry, grabbed the scissors and hit him twice in the chest.

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According to the source, shocking, Wildenstein can explode anytime, anywhere and absolutely no reason at all: “Klein says in a normal mood she’s an amazing person. But when she gets carried away — watch out.”

Legion Media

The victim called the emergency services and their friends. When police arrived, it quickly became clear who was the victim.

According to Cain, to live under the same roof with “Catwoman” is dangerous, and he intends to leave her after 13 years of relationship. Moreover, he intends to file it in court.

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“He knows that it will happen again if they will live under one roof. Lloyd cherishes privacy and image of their brand, and Joslyn gets pleasure from such things. Media comments about appearance do not bother her. A good scandal gives her pleasure”, — said the source.

Legion Media

Recall, Jocelyn, Wildenstein became famous thanks to the numerous plastic operations, in the end, her face almost did not remain a live place. Many assume that Jocelyn just decided to remind myself.

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