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Jerusalem shooting suspect detained – police

Israeli security forces have detained a suspected gunman who injured eight people near Jerusalem’s iconic Western Wall, the authorities said on Sunday. According to the police, the man turned himself in after a large-scale manhunt. The police said they confiscated a gun presumably used in the attack, which took place …

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Amnesty report on Kiev’s violations to be reviewed

Independent experts will review the bombshell Amnesty International report accusing the Ukrainian armed forces of violating humanitarian law, following backlash from Kiev, in an effort to understand “what went wrong” with the preparation of the document. In a statement released by its German section on Friday, the human rights watchdog …

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China drills one of world’s deepest oil deposits – media

China’s largest oil refiner Sinopec has reportedly extracted crude oil and natural gas from a newly drilled oil reserve with wells around 8,000 meters deep, in the Tarim Basin of the Xinjiang region. According to Xinhua agency, citing the company on Wednesday, the site could potentially yield 244 tons of …

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Ukrainian nuclear site faces new threat 

Shelling of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station by Ukrainian forces risks a “nuclear catastrophe” at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, Arseniy Zelensky, the Kakhovka facility’s deputy director for reconstruction, told reporters on Saturday.   According to Zelensky, as quoted by TASS, Kakhovka is now operating in a “very dangerous” emergency mode.  The …

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Obama kept classified nuclear documents too – Trump

Former US president Donald Trump has decried the apparent double standard at play after the FBI raided his Florida home earlier this week, supposedly seeking classified documents relating to nuclear weapons. Trump argued that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had taken some 33 million pages of documents – many classified, some …

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Poland and Germany face massive environmental disaster

Authorities in Poland and Germany are trying to determine the cause of a major environmental disaster in Poland’s second largest river, which also flows through the Czech Republic and eastern Germany.  Tons of dead fish have been seen floating or washed ashore on the banks of Oder River over the …

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Macron approves NATO enlargement

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday signed the official documents approving Finland and Sweden’s applications to become NATO members. While Macron once called the US-led military bloc “brain dead,” he has switched tack since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine.  France’s parliament approved the enlargement proposal earlier this month, …

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World reacts to Salman Rushdie stabbing

Western authors and officials have strongly condemned the attack on the Indian-born British-American novelist Salman Rushdie, who was stabbed in New York state on Friday. Iranian media and officials, however, reacted by recalling the reasons that prompted the Islamic Republic’s former leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, to issue a religious edict calling …

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