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The capital was already dead or not yet?

For the first time the scheme of reproduction of Finance capital scheme as smoothstone higher institutional power over the entire social reproduction of humanity, and how it differs from the circuit of reproduction of capital, clearly illustrates the difference between the simulacrum of money from money and the simulacrum of …

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The Church recognized Darwin’s theory

So far, only Roman Catholic and Anglican. The Church has always been against the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin. The servants of God could not accept the idea that all living things were created by nature, not the Creator. To replace God with a monkey? No way! But time goes, …

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Proletarian news from 12.02.2020 G.:

The issue: 1. Frost 2. The prices are higher 3. “Feeder” 4. “Effective” 5. Promises The PLOT №1 Russian science will freeze funding for 5 years. To accelerate the economy to the so-called global economy and to make a technological leap, as required by the may decrees of the …

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