Monday , September 25 2023
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Technology Cord in Khabarovsk went

Cord impressed in Khabarovsk on Nizovtseva (well, he’s a professional), the representatives of the “Open Russia”, and Degtyarev, although he was more impressed with the honeysuckle. The protesters either didn’t recognize, either for him to put in short, probably not the first time the audience ran for the Cord, and …

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Why not disperse the protests in Khabarovsk

Although this order is given, and, most importantly, in the city and its surrounding area has a lot of asguardian and other seconded krivokoneva. The answer, at first glance, is obvious: the high dynamics of the protests. Technically not so easy to disperse 50-60 thousand people. But even more dangerous …

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The dictatorship is rapidly coming to an end

While Russian liberals are in FB gender battles in Belarus is the triumph of feminism in politics. Dad preemptively jail all candidates candidates (one managed to escape to Russia), but it so happened that the wife of one of the repressed competition — Svetlana Tikhanovski — by some oversight registered. …

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Expert: Protests in Khabarovsk can infect other regions

Protests in Khabarovsk will undergo transformation and will spread to other regions, suggested in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” by the Director of the Centre for the development of regional policy Ilya Graschenkov. In his opinion, the Kremlin is idle, because he hoped that the opposition campaign will fizzle …

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What the outcome of the far Eastern rebellion?

Degtyarev sent to Khabarovsk as a punishment to the locals for having dared to shake the throne. Rebellion in Khabarovsk threatens to become the most important event for the Russian political life in 2020. The authorities have reason to be offended by the rebels. The boss, so he seems to …

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Tests hypersonic missile “Zircon” successfully completed

Today the main military issued a statement on the final stage of tests of a rocket complex of new generation. We are talking about a hypersonic attack missile weapons “Zircon” sea-based. According to the statement, the Russian defense Ministry, the missile tests “Zircon” are successful. Test launches of these hypersonic …

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Analyst: Degtyarev is only fueling the protests in Khabarovsk

Acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev does not seek to enter a dialogue with the protesters because he promise another post in the future, says political analyst Maksim Zharov. The expert recalled the words Degraeve, who noted that mass actions involving foreigners, and this is supposedly confirmed by the …

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Fatal bug in Putin’s system

I’ve finally watched a few performances Furgala. And it all became clear. You will see the link. There are in fact in the Governor’s chair sits a normal person, which in itself is quite unusual. And when he suddenly finds out that in the Khabarovsk schools there are two menus …

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