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Infernal Agony uncensored will not be

Ruthless Polish survival horror Agony came at the end of may, and found that the most-most sheet 18+ was cut by the censors. Later, in June, a new reassure bloodthirsty maniacs information: Steam will be released without the Agony of censorship. The good policy of a resource has occurred on …

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More artifacts at the beginning of “the purge”!

The fourth part of the franchise, the film “the purge. The beginning” (“The First Purge”), will soon be released on American movie screens. The date July 4, not chosen by chance – on this day, the whole country lights up with patriotism, celebrating Independence Day, and this publicity stunt seems …

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Oh, those evil Christmas “Elves”!

This film looks like a sequel of the youth horror film “Truth or dare”, and called as the remake of the horror of the Christmas 1989 issue, but really is neither one nor the other. In the network appeared the first images from the horror movie “Elves” (Elves), the Director …

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The monster from “quiet places”

The case when the monster is not only terrible, but eared. Of course, the main advantage of Monstration of a “quiet place” is that we have them there is almost not seen. In promotional materials until the last moment concealed as they look, and in the final trailer showed a …

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Carpenter wrote the music for “Halloween” right now!

And helps it cool black cat. Sandy king carpenter, a producer of film and comic book writer, posted in his Twitter photo, which depicted this wonderful cat. Curiously, the tweet contains the hashtag of the film “Halloween”. What the salt is? It is actually easy, because the frame also got …

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Found the kids to “pet Cemetery”

Publishing Entertainment Weekly reports the trio of young actors, adding to the castes of the new “pet Cemetery”. Able Laurence will play the role of Ellie creed, a girl of the protagonist. It belongs to her Church cat, with the death which starts the trouble in the family of Creed. …

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Xavier Dolan and will Beinbrink will play in “IT 2”

More actors adds castes “It: Part 2”. Xavier Dolan (in the shot above) and will Beinbrink will perform the role of Adrian Mellon and Tom Rogan, respectively. Fans of Stephen king should remember the terrible fate of Mellon in the original novel, because Derry is not the best place for …

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