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Minus 10 pounds in a week: the main rules of the diet

One of the most popular methods of weight loss. Buckwheat diet to some extent can be not only tasty but also very useful as it quickly and effectively cleanses the body from various toxins. Buckwheat diet relates to harsh, but “negodnik” and effective ways to quickly get rid of extra …

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These products contain the highest amount of protein

Nutritionists have called six products with a high content of protein. Protein is a necessary component of a healthy diet. So you need to know about its food sources. Fish It is recommended to consume at least two servings of fish a week. The most useful types are trout, salmon …

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Ten ways to Wake up without coffee

You can live without your morning “dose” of caffeine. A Wake-up call sounds for the umpteenth time, and to raise his head from the pillow anyway, no? The picture is, alas, typical morning of the working day. Not less than trivial and the solution is to return the courage and …

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Scientists have named the first sign of senile dementia

The results of studies of Japanese scientists. A study of the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease (the most common form of senile dementia, or dementia), conducted in Japan, showed that the suspect the beginning of this disease can be deteriorating ability to remember human faces. Conclusion this was done by …

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Called all the pros and cons of massage

Doctors told about the benefits and dangers of massage A good massage can relieve us from stress and migraine, but unskilled massage may cause damage to nervous or muscle tissue, and lead to spastic and inflammatory changes. According to Robert Gotlin — sports doctor from the Medical Center Beth Israel …

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Myths about water that it’s time to forget

Why you can not drink too much water during the disease and how silver affects its properties. Myth #1: you need to Drink 2 litres of water a dayA few years ago, the daily rate of water was calculated by the formula: 30-40 ml per 1 kg of body weight. …

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How much sugar we eat actually

If you ask the average person how much sugar per day he/she consumes, what would be the answer? Sugar is one of the integral components of almost all foods, especially “artificial” (corn flakes, muesli, etc.) and are intended for long storage. According to the classification it is divided into so-called …

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Chronic stress: how it is dangerous to health

Doctors told what is the consequence for a human being in constant stress. Doctors call stress is the body’s response to danger, in such moments, the man quickens the heartbeat, the blood flow to the muscles becoming stronger, the level of cortisol and adrenaline are greatly increased, he becomes more …

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What not to do after lunch or dinner and why

Doctors told about what not to do after eating. Smoking. For normal digestion the body the necessary oxygen. In cigarettes, as we all know, there is a high content of nicotine that reduces the level of oxygen in the blood. In the end, even one cigarette smoked immediately after eating, …

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