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Scientists have proposed to beat the robots to relieve stress

The object recognizes swear words, “absorbing” them and “recycles” the light of day. A group of researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon has introduced a new development designed to simplify the process of stress relief and relaxation. It is proposed to use four kinds of “cathartic” robots. First in the …

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Scientists have grown blood vessels from stem cells

The resulting vessels have not yet been tested on human tissues, but have successfully passed the test on mice. To grow blood vessels from stem cells could researchers at the University of British Columbia. This is the first experience in the world. The experiment was conducted using Petri dishes. It …

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SpaceX launched the Dragon Cargo ship to the ISS

Docking with ISS is scheduled for may 6. Company SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 with a cargo spacecraft Dragon Cargo on Board. Joining the “truck” with the International space station is scheduled for Monday, may 6. Broadcast of the launch were SpaceX and NASA. The Falcon 9 was launched …

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The link between climate change and social inequality

Global warming can have social consequences. Economic disparities between prosperous and poor countries is becoming increasingly significant due to climate change. This is the conclusion recently reached by experts from Stanford University in the United States. Experts conducted extensive research and determined that global warming, which scientists say tirelessly, expected …

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The boy who survived said he saw in heaven

The child shared his incredible visions. In 2004, Kevin Malarkey and his oldest son Alex was driving in a certain direction, when suddenly on the next turn in the car flew into another car. The man escaped with bruises, while the child was severely damaged spine. About two months the …

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Astronomers found water on the asteroid Itokawa

This confirms confirms the hypothesis that water once fell on the Earth due to asteroid collision. Researchers from the University of Arizona found traces of water in the soil samples of the asteroid Itokawa brought back by the Japanese probe Hayabusa in 2010. Team Arizona has studied five of the …

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Scientists warned about looming above the Ground danger

The inhabitants of the Earth are urged to turn off heating, to abandon the aircraft and to reduce the production of red meat. All this is necessary to prevent global climate change. The recommendations contained in the report of the Committee on climate change of the UK, writes Daily Mail. …

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