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Wasps can think logically

Scientists conducted the following experiment. Wasps, has been considered to be more primitive relatives of bees, but in recent years scientists have found hints that they have extremely advanced for insects mental capacity. For example, in the beginning of this decade it was found that the wasps are able to …

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Disclosed the reason of ancient massacres in Poland

The bones belonged to members of a few families. Archaeologists analyzed the DNA extracted from the remains of ancient people, buried about five thousand years ago in the area near the Polish village of Kosice. It turned out, the skeletons belonged to members of families, including women and children, who …

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The earth collided with a comet 13,000 years ago

This mini ice age known as the younger Dryas. The researchers translated the famous ancient symbols in the Turkish temple, and they tell the story of the devastating collision with a comet more than 13,000 years ago. Check this event with the help of a computer simulation of the Solar …

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Discovered a new form of life

The researchers analyzed the DNA of single-celled. A team of scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) found marine micro-organisms, which get energy for life, using arsenic. The researchers analyzed the DNA of unicellular that live in the oxygen minimum zone, which is located at depths from 200 …

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Two neutron stars collided near the Solar system

Our milky way galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter. Astrophysics Szabolcs Marka (Marka Szabolcs) from Columbia University and Imre Bartos (Imre Bartos) from Florida state University, both research institutions of the USA, have identified a powerful collision between two neutron stars, occurred 4.6 billion years ago as the …

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Mystery of mass murder of the Neolithic era

The analysis of mitochondrial DNA revealed the presence of six different maternal lines. Mass grave of the late Neolithic in southern Poland contains the remains of 15 men, women and children killed by a blow to the head and carefully buried. About the tragedy that occurred at the site 3,000 …

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Physicists conducted an experiment with antimatter

The experiment was conducted by researchers from Switzerland and Italy. The researchers first conducted a physical experiment with a positron – the antiparticle of the electron, a fundamental particle. Not only that, they got really interesting results, but this achievement could be a first step toward a potentially revolutionary discoveries. …

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On the surface of blue giants discovered waves

Experimental verification of these predictions has involved space telescope TESS. Blue giants – large stars whose mass is 10-20 times higher than solar. The brightness exceed the sun in tens of thousands of times, so it is not surprising that the fusion fuel these stars for long enough – their …

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In the bag of the ancient shaman archaeologists have found drugs

In the bag were some potent drugs. Almost every traditional culture on Earth has used a particular method of achieving intoxication and “altered States of consciousness” – whether alcoholic beverages, Smoking tobacco or ingestion of the hallucinogenic cacti. Many Nations used them in shamanic practices and religious ceremonies, healing. An …

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