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Catching up with civilization backwards

Догоняем цивилизацию задом наперед

Disagreement with raising the retirement age in the “United Russia” continue to consider only a “manifestation of emotions”.

The state Duma on Thursday approved in the third and final reading a series of retirement laws. Chief among these was one which prescribed the rise in Russia the retirement age for women to 60 years and for men to 65 (now 55 and 60 years, respectively). Despite the fact that the revision of the law was softened, it was agreed to support only “United Russia”.

Deputies from the Communist party, LDPR and “Fair Russia” or press the button “against”, or prefer to shy away from voting. Representatives of the Duma opposition just said that instead of a real pension reform that is really overdue, the government decided to limit the mechanical raising the age of retirement.

In the end, as estimated Communist Oleg Smolin, each invalid pensioner will be deprived of revenues amounting to a total of about 1.5 million rubles. “On 850 thousand will be taken away not paid a pension and a further half a million of different benefits — from utilities to a funeral”, he said. The MP is convinced that the new pension law is an attempt “to help the poor at the expense of the poor.” “But the poor are unlikely to be smaller, but the poor more,” — said Smolin.

“SR” Oleg Shein believes that the money saved by the state through artificial reduction of the number of pensioners 11 million people will eventually get rich. “The ideological meaning of this law is to take money from the poor through tax breaks and preferences, etc. to transfer their capital. It is a national dead end for the Russian Federation, the law contradicts the logic of economic development and the progress,” your verdict Shein.

The opposition also disagreed with one of the main arguments in favor of raising the retirement age. “They say that, they say, to raise the age needed to raise pensions to current retirees. But it’s not. In the next ten years pensions will rise by only 10%, but pretensioner will join the ranks of the unemployed because the number of jobs in the country is declining, the labor force in the labor market and do not need any demographic failures, in 2023 in the labor market, the expected inflow of young people,” said Shein.

Smolin confirmed that raspiarennaya thousand rubles a year, which they promise every year, until 2024, to index pensions to non-working pensioners, “just zilch”. “Adjusted for inflation, the increase amounts to only 2.5%, and in 2024 — less than 1%, but if inflation is higher, it’s all horns and hoofs,” said the Deputy.

He also drew the attention of his colleagues to the fact that most other countries, though raised in different times, the retirement age for its citizens, are now busy dealing with other problems. “They think to do with technological unemployment is to increase the number of employees, creating human potential, the introduction of a basic income or to reduce the retirement age,” — said Smolin. Against this background, Russia has, according to him, looks like a country that is trying to “catch up with the civilization backwards.”

United Russia continued to Balk at what raising the retirement age in Russia is “inevitable,” and motivated by “care for pensioners”, which allegedly will have nothing to pay pensions if not to take this step. “You can continue to defer this decision, but the price you had to pay for it citizens, is too great. After a few years in our country, the pension would become a flat little allowance for age, which would receive half of the adult population, most of whom would continue to work,” he said, speaking in support of the law, United Russia Andrey Isaev.

Disagreement with the new law in the “United Russia” considered the “manifestation of emotions”, and the call to withdraw this document as “doing nothing that condemns pensioners to total poverty”.

Meanwhile, according to deputies the head of the chamber Alexei Kudrin, the level of poverty in Russia continues to remain high. Today for its feature, that is, with incomes below subsistence level live 13.2 million citizens. The number of poor Kudrin estimated at 19.3 million people.

At the same time, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, who came to the Duma to report on the execution of the Federal budget for 2017, said the growth of real wages in Russia last year by 3.5%. But Kudrin said that by 2018 the country is expected to increase real incomes for the first time in recent years. “In 2018 we will receive the first increase of real incomes of the population. This year for the first eight months of the income of the population grew by 2.6%,” — said the head of the chamber.

From Siluanov’s report also showed that last year, the Russian economy went into growth, inflation hovered at a record low in recent years, the level of 2.5% and GDP grew by 1.5%.

These data surprised some MPs, who were quick to doubt their authenticity. “Say, inflation was record low last year? And you go to the store and you consumers say that prices increased much more rapidly,” said officials at the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Vera Hansa.

She questioned and data on the growth of salaries. “A 2.9% supposedly… But when I go to schools, hospitals and businesses and is talking about wage growth, then I see a burning desire in the eyes of the workers to throw me, something heavy, because those numbers no one believes. Where is the growth? The growth of wages and decline in real income of population by 1.7%. What to believe — what is growing, what is falling, growth is mythical and is achieved by optimization,” protested Ganza.

However, the head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov assured that the figures are reliable, “confirmed the accounts chamber and do not cause any doubts.”

United Russia hinted to his opponents that they just do not know how to count. Thus, the Communist Nikolai Kolomeitsev is clearly wrong, calling a tiny amount of almost two billion rubles, which in the next few years may come to the Pension Fund in the form of funds confiscated from corrupt officials (the law the deputies also approved on Thursday in the third reading).

“One of Colonel Zakharchenko found 9 billion, or the authors of the law do not know?” — was indignant then the latter. What Isaev at this time, rightly remarked to a colleague that “money wise” schedule it was impossible for the reason that there is in force a court sentence.

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