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Cataracts – symptoms and treatments

Катаракта - симптомы и методы леченияThe symptoms of a cataract are a gradual deterioration of vision.

Among all eye diseases in the elderly in second place after the hyperopia is cataracts.

It is a pathology in which the lens of the eye loses its transparency. Establish whether the disease only for the elderly? How is a cataract and can get rid of it? The answers to these and other questions read on.

Anyone facing cataract?
Often cataract concerned about the elderly in the extent of age-related changes in the body. But it can also be the result of suffering ophthalmic diseases, which is broken composition of the lacrimal fluid. Because it is the only power of the lens (by itself it is devoid of nerves and blood vessels, which could provide it with nutrients), begins the development of pathology.

Signs cataract eye
If the cause of cataract is not a disease, its development starts from approximately 40-50 years. Thus, the lens appear straight, violating svetogorets the retina, and as a result begins to degrade the quality of vision. The main symptoms of a cataract include:

– blurred vision, often develop myopia;

– “dizzy”;

– blurred vision;

– change the color of the pupil (appears brighter or white);

– when looking at brightly lit objects appear blinding halo;

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– a feeling of pressure in the eye;

– headaches or dizziness.

Cataract treatment
The earlier you detect the disease, the easier it is to get rid of it. Today medicine offers several methods of cataract.

Laser surgery
One of the most common and effective methods of treatment of cataract. The operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour. Thus, during operation of a replacement eye lens with artificial. The surface of the eye must be cleaned from the darkened fibers.

Ultrasonic operation
Or rather, ultrasonic phacoemulsification. An efficient and reliable method. The goal of surgery is removal of the affected lens and replace it with new, only the deletion is not by removing lasers, and by fragmentation of the lens by ultrasound, which fragments then are removed by aspiration.

This method of treatment may help in the early stages of the disease. And in most cases it is not completely eliminates cataracts, but only stops its development. In particular, homeopaths prescribe drugs that block the process of the emergence of new spots on the lens.

As well as homeopathy, traditional medicine rid of cataracts, but do not allow it to develop. As therapy prescribe special drops and a variety of vitamins that block the development of the pathological process.

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Prevention of cataracts
Like most other diseases, in particular eye care, cataracts can be prevented. According to experts, will help in the completion of special exercises, which help to slow aging and stimulate the processes of renewal tissues of the eye.

– Looking in the mirror, fingers lift both of the upper eyelid, and then on each eyelid separately. Do within minutes;

– Sit up straight, face looking forward. Within minutes drive eyes left-right, like follow the pendulum.

– Look at a distant object, then quickly shift your gaze to a closer object. Repeat for a minute.

– Much zazhmurte eyes, count to 5, wide open the head for 5 seconds, repeat the exercise 15 times.

– Looking ahead, slowly pull the lower eyelid to the upper two finger units, lock onto so for 2 seconds. Then repeat on the other eye, and so for a minute;

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– Stretch the skin in different directions, making slanted eyes, and slowly blink at the same time – repeat for a minute.

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