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Cassini has captured raging storm on Saturn

Cassini запечатлел бушующий ураган на СатурнеThe images were sent to Earth and made public by NASA.

The spacecraft Cassini, which wanders the expanse of Saturn, photographed by the famous hexagonal vortex in the solstice.

This was reported on the website NASA.

Pictures of the device made on the second day of solstice.

Such an amazing phenomenon of solstice on the planet Saturn occurs approximately every 15 earth years. Since the Cassini spacecraft entered orbit around Saturn in 2004, that the Land received for the first time.

During the mission Cassini, we have witnessed a complete change of all seasons on Saturn. The whole system changes dramatically, when summer begins and winter ends, – said the scientific head of the mission Cassini, Linda Spilker.

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