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Cash gathering of Russia (20 – 23 July 2017): the Amityville Horror has awakened!

That’s what PR life-giving niche sites make 🙂 But seriously, good work distributor “Magogo” clearly has made this release a serious bet (suffice it to say that the Russian Prime Minister was in General the world for this film) helped the film “the Amityville Horror: the Awakening” to break into the top five in the top of the domestic box office. The film has collected in the opening of more than 34 million rubles, which is very bad with strong competition from assorted blockbusters and genre films of the type “Berlin syndrome”.

In the end, “YA” (Yes, the idea is simply obliged) to collect in Russia of more than 50 million rubles, which, given a sufficiently large painting, will not result outstanding, but taking into account all factors very well.

“Viscous Arthouse” (Director Roman Karimov described the version of the film hit the rental, which he is not too happy) “Black water” flew out of the top ten already after 10 days of hire that, perhaps, is hardly a success. But the “Berlin syndrome” in the top 10 and did not hit. In fairness, the last film debuted with only 130 copies and compete with larger releases, it was hard.

The results of the previous weekend, click here.

No.The filmCharges (million RUB)JustWeekCopies
2Planet of the apes: War117,72534,0821318
3Despicable me 367,501365,9941296
4Spider-man: the Return home56,02899,9731447
5The Amityville Horror: The Awakening34,3834,381830
7Hare school6,426,421627
9Transformers 5: the Last knight3,79941,275237
10A shot in the void3,2911,132212
…12Berlin syndrome2,822,821130
…13Black waterOf 2.0015,102758
…23Wild story0,624,06284
26 …The Experiment “The Office”0,5227,443101
…43Blue abyss0,04644,72411
…48The Rosewood Institute0,0241,8033
…61Black butterfly0,0080,5671
…64Twin Peaks: Through the fire0,004Of 1.34101
…69Voice from the stone0,0013,56101

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