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Case Bezyazykov: accused of spying the Colonel went on hunger strike

Дело Безъязыкова: обвиняемый в шпионаже полковник объявил голодовкуIvan bezyazykov until recently, “had hoped for an open and honest court.”

Suspected of treason Colonel of Armed forces of Ukraine Ivan bezyazykov announced an indefinite hunger strike in jail.

This was announced by the wife of the prisoner Margaret Kushnirov.

“Indeed, he went on hunger strike. But not only him. There is also the fighters of “Tornado” and other people, too,” she said.

According to the wife Bezyazykov, he had been ready for this, “but was hoping for an open and honest court.”

“We were hoping the court case will be considered openly and all will be as it should be. We are ready to open meetings to the media. We wanted to understand and want more. Want the media and the Ukrainians had the opportunity to see those witnesses, even if they prove openly that he was the alleged treason,” said Kushnirov.

Kushnirov added that the health condition of her husband was not allowing to go on hunger strike, “but he’s stubborn, to convince him hard.”

According to her, she was last seen Bezyazykov in early may.

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