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Cars will predict the weather

Автомобили будут предсказывать погодуJaguar Land Rover will enable the cars to make accurate weather forecasts

It seems that in the short time forecasts can have serious competitors – cars, equipped with a system that is able to make accurate weather forecasts. Such intelligent vehicles will understand when to open or close the car and hatch window and on what mode it is necessary to put the climate control.

And all this can be done through the latest technologies developed by the manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, which have already applied for a patent on the invention of the weather systems for cars.

As is clear from the documents disclosed, the principle of operation of the new technology will be based primarily on a system of sensors installed on the vehicle, and is able to read information about the different environmental indicators. These sensors will show the owner of the car does not approximate but absolutely exact data about the weather condition in a particular area, where transport passes.

Everything else, thanks to a special computer algorithm, the obtained information will be processed by a computer that can simulate the weather around the vehicle with an accuracy not available with traditional weather forecasts. Thus, the motorist can receive weather data exactly where it is located, in order to adapt his style of riding to a specific, not abstract climatic conditions.

This app can read temperature, pressure, humidity and the condition of the road surface on the basis of which would do very accurate and as close to reality weather forecasts for the near future and the distance. Then the car yourself or initially suggesting the driver will include heated seats, air conditioner or stove, “shades” glasses from the bright sun, will close or open the Windows and the sunroof, on a wet road will withstand long distance to the next car ahead, adjust sensitivity anti-lock brakes and the coolant flow in the engine.

The patent States: “Make this system the forecast will be distributed on the exposed drivers time and indicate the percentage probability of certain weather changes, such, for example, as rain or icing of the road surface. Then the vehicle can be adapted to specific local weather conditions.”

At the time, like some modern cars are able to adapt to weather conditions by automatic activation of windscreen wipers, temperature control, or switching, they usually do it in response to weather conditions faced right now. Jaguar Land Rover proposes to equip the vehicle in these weather stations, which according to the developer, will be able to provide the vehicle with maximum safety, and driver comfort.

In addition to all other functions, the new system also offered the motorist will share the obtained predictions with other drivers, in order to help them to choose a route and prepare for the challenges of the trip.

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