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Cars in Ukraine can be significantly cheaper

Автомобили в Украине могут существенно подешеветьThe used car market is waiting for significant changes.

Most likely, the prices of used cars will decrease by 20% is the most likely scenario. However, it is possible that the fall in the value of used cars will be 50%.

The least likely scenario, keeping the current pricing policy on the secondary market. Such forecasts gives to Morgan Stanley, an American Bank holding company, the owner of the largest brokerage business in the world.

According to analysts, cheaper used cars will continue until 2021, the year. This is due to the growth of car rental market, which, after service in the rental come onto the market with very sweet prices. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Experts believe that the available rental cars and all kinds of taxi service (uber etc.), as well as short-term rental car make the purchase of personal transport is not always justified and beneficial. Therefore, increasing the number of those who refused to purchase a car in favor of situational use “foreign” cars and freeing himself from the service of a personal car.

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