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Carrot diet for efficient and healthy weight loss

Морковная диета для эффективного и здорового похуденияNow there are many diets that allow you to lose weight quickly.

To lose weight and get beautiful shape we are ready for anything. But not worth the risk to try questionable ways of eating. Help carrot diet that will allow you to lose weight without harm for health.

The benefits of carrot diet had to evaluate not only nutritionists, but also those who are struggling with excess weight. This method of feeding should be viewed as a variant of rapid weight loss without harm for health. As the name suggests it is clear that the main component of the diet is carrots.

The benefits of carrot diet

Nutritionists include this method of weight loss among strict diets, because thanks to it you can lose 3 pounds in just 4 days. The body gets the nutrients that positively affect the condition of skin and nails. Also carrots in your diet will improve the condition of hair. This diet is very popular among celebrities. To her resorted to stars such as Katie Holmes and Emily blunt.

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Menu carrot diet

If you are staying on a carrot diet, then you should know that in the process of losing weight it is necessary to organize daily meals. The main item on your menu needs to be a carrot salad.

Recipe of carrot salad

Take two medium carrots, peel, wash and grate on a coarse grater. Add to carrot mixture, 1 tbsp. of olive oil and a little honey. Great to sprinkle salad with lemon juice. This dish is not just a diet, it is very useful due to the content of vitamins and minerals needed by our body. Carrot salad is present ascorbic acid, fiber and carotenoids, vitamins D and E.

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Recommendations for those who keep a carrot diet

To prepare the salad is better to buy young carrots. As it contains the maximum number of required components. Another trick for better absorption of the food – before eating the salad, drink a glass of kefir or eat a couple of spoons of sour cream.

When carrot diet drink plenty of water. Use pure water without gas or green tea. For three days your diet would consist of carrot salad, tea and water. On the fourth day you can go to diet diet to which you can add a couple of potatoes and a piece of meat.

A good weight loss! Recommend before you start a carrot diet to consult with your doctor.

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