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Carpathian teacher set a national record. Video

Прикарпатский преподаватель установил национальный рекорд. Видео

The teacher lectured for 24 hours.

Lecturer at Ivano-Frankivsk University Oleg Andrukh set a national record in telling to the students within 24 hours.

The teacher told the students about the Ukrainian state from nine o’clock in the morning of 22 may until nine o’clock in the morning of 23 may. Night his audience was the biggest for all time, and some people had to stand.

The Andrukhiv says he feels fine, but hoarse. Every hour he made breaks of 5 minutes. According to him, the heaviest reading period was from 4 to 6 am.

Representatives of the National register of records recorded the achievement of the teacher. They also note that for the record Andrukhiv could end in another 12 hours a night, but the teacher basically decided to play the whole day in a row.

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