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Cargo chaos?

Грузовой беспредел?

A barrage of criticism passengers to the representatives of Sheremetyevo airport, the Aeroflot airlines and cargo terminal “Moscow cargo” in these spring days have increased.

Customers writing angry responses, accusing the companies ‘ employees, and the number of dissatisfied is growing every day. It is obvious that the time for radical change has come. According to numerous requests from readers, the editors have once again tried to understand the situation around this “Trinity” and to offer the option to resolve the crisis.


It is unknown who was a pioneer in baggage and cargo issues at the international airport Sheremetyevo, but for some unknown reason, the whole Trinity is faced with the same difficulties with the delivery and receipt of cargo and Luggage. Although, if you believe the bravura statements of departments, public relations companies, and they have the latest equipment available, and the most advanced foreign system is introduced.

News feeds from leading media lately do not cease to inform us about the problems encountered by customers of the three above-mentioned companies. First of JSC “MASH” (Sheremetyevo international airport) glows on the pages of news agencies, saying that the work “the world’s only rear tunnel” suspended due to modernization and reconstruction of objects of infrastructure of the airport”.

Then Aeroflot “zapestrit” the feedback of the passengers in anticipation of the holidays.

Losing your important shipment of drugs is to remind yourself of the cargo terminal “Moscow cargo”.

But no worries, all questions are solved. Someone as competitive advantages uses extensive experience, smoothly-oiled mechanism of work, respect for customers and their interests, and someone in the right moment, when the situation is becoming quite precarious, begins to resort to other methods.

And why instead of learning to work, not to go easier way – to refer to “the right people”. For example, in Trading-industrial chamber of Russia with a request to gather representatives of Chinese airlines for any event under one roof, and to explain that “Moscow cargo” – the best cargo terminal in Russia. Suddenly foreign colleagues not so often read Russian sites with customer reviews.

The decision may not be the best, and the Federal Antimonopoly service would in this case raise the alarm, but as the saying goes, “in war all means are good”. Some have new technology to master and implement, wasting hard-earned customer problems to study and solve in a timely manner, and someone only need to win tenders.


In this case, one can only hope that the glory of the experience of the cargo terminal of Russia flew not only the Russian edition, but also foreign media. Moreover, information events during the existence of the “miracle” – from the press was enough.

Just remember the tons of abandoned cargo on the platform and in its vicinity! This original tradition of cargo storage in the open air “Moscow cargo” practicing is not the first time. I wonder how wonderfully in this case the observed temperature for certain categories of cargo, drugs, for example?

Does someone responsible for it in the company “Moscow cargo” is not clear. It turns out that theoretically, the shipment of vital medicines can become a “hostage” of another collapse in the freight terminal?

Nevertheless, despite the failures, “Moscow cargo” constantly is the winner of the tender for handling of cargo and mail airline “Aeroflot”.

We can hope for a miracle that one day the Federal Antimonopoly service will remember about his mission and it was going to explore this issue. However, such an outcome can not count.

According to the management of MASH, no matter what happens in the air port, is always to blame or the pilots, weather conditions, passengers or someone else.

For them it is not important that became the new infopovod: the death of a passenger uncontrollably wandering along the platform, under the wheels of the aircraft, or just another case of departure of the aircraft outside of the runway during landing. Guilt management and staff of the airport not see.

Apparently, the state authorities are of the same opinion, as the results of inspections, that does not happen, the top management of Sheremetyevo to leave their homes is not going to. But interregional transport Prosecutor’s office have time to think about opening a branch on the territory of Sheremetyevo airport. It is very often the last time they had to investigate the circumstances of the accident in the Moscow airport.


Once in his interview to Forbes, the ex-oligarch Boris Berezovsky said, “Privatization in Russia takes place in three stages. In the first stage privatized profits; the second is privatized property; on the third privatized debts.”

Familiar with this scheme, businessmen do not hurry to buy shares of profitable enterprises, and strive in the beginning to enter into the management know their business associates, and only then, move on to the second stage of privatization.

The only important condition when implementing the above scheme is the proximity to the powers that be, as only “their” are entitled to the privatization of state property. And often not even investing the money, limited only promises to invest them later.

An interesting scheme of privatization experts have watched the transition of ownership of Sheremetyevo international airport. However, as practice shows, not all can be attributed to the saying: “a talented person is talented in everything”. Not always businessmen, perfectly versed in the administrative and financial circuits, subsequently to be able to manage this most “privatized” state property. Especially when we are talking about strategically important objects, such as the airport.

For this reason, perhaps it is not surprising failures in the work of the largest hub of Russia – Sheremetyevo airport. Broken rear tunnel failures in the operation of the cargo terminal “Moscow cargo” poorly cleared the runway can are quite natural consequences of poor organization of the production process.


Shareholders of Sheremetyevo airport have vast experience in the construction of shopping centers and even entire palaces, but its technical requirements, these objects can hardly be compared with the tasks required in the design stage of the airport facilities. And one of the highest rates of patency: more than 45 million people per year!

Here it is ultra modern and foreign information system is unlikely to help. They should also be able to use, and to work with them, it does not say, we have our experts. However, some employees know their business.

A vivid example is the attempt of the driver of the container truck to steal 100 thousand dollars of valuable cargo in Sheremetyevo airport. Of course, this raises some very pertinent questions. For example, where the driver of the equipment would know where to look for and who gave him this information? And how he even had the opportunity to take control of money?

Why the airport authorities turn a blind eye to inefficient time spent for idle staff and machinery service organizations?

Perhaps due to the fact that the costs borne by airlines and subsequently passengers. In this case, the leadership of the airline before the tariff increase should improve the existing cost – to reconsider their validity. Maybe the increase will not be as significant, and for grants to the state so often to run will not have. And the state will be able to send the saved money to increase social benefits for truly in need of assistance of the population, has long been beyond the poverty line.

Vitaly Smirnov
Source: gosrf.ru

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